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Hello Guys,
I own since ten years the Thiel CS 2.4 (not SE) and I'm still happy with them but someone offered me the Thiel CS 3.7 as change with some added money.
Theorically should be an improvment respect my 2.4 expecially regarding the easyest load .. my 2.4 run with Primare A32 solid state amp.. that does a good job on them.
The 3.7 reading specs has 90db efficiency and 4 ohm load with a minimum around 2.3ohm while my 2.4 87db same 4 ohm load but a deep around 1.2 ohm .. not easy for amps.
Someone here tried both? .. and what do you think about?
Thanks in advance for your reply!
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Recently I was fortunate enough to snag 3.7s around the 1st of the year. They were serviced by Rob at Coherent Source before I got them to replace my 3.6es ( loved them). I have not heard the 2.4, but I can say without hesitation that the 3.7 was the Thiel flagship for good reason. They offer extreme clarity, speed, coherence and grace, and refinement that is among the very best available. That said, system and room matching are absolutely critical to get the most from them. If you get it right, the rewards are well worth the effort and cost IMO. From years of Thiel experience (2 2s, 3.6es, and now 3.7), there are some guidelines that may help.

 I never wanted to do it, but tube anything tends to relax Thiels. My best advice is to include a high-quality tube preamp/linestage. As important is to choose an amp that can pass large amounts of current. If the amp can double its power when the impedance falls by half, you are going in the right direction. Finally, you need to be at least 8 feet away from the speakers to have them sound their best. That plus maybe 3-4 feet of clearance behind the speakers and another 3-4 feet behind your listening position. You should also have room to keep them 3 feet or more away from sidewalls. Tubes matter with Thiels, high current amplication matters, and your room definitely matters, a lot. Here are some additional thoughts that I have found useful-

and from Stereophile-

"Editor's Note: Class A "Loudspeakers" are sufficiently idiosyncratic and differ enough from one another that prospective customers should read Stereophile's original reviews in their entirety for descriptions of the sounds."

Perhaps a listener should trust their ears in their own particular situation rather than taking as gospel what reviewers publish. However, reading reviews can offer good guidance on how one might get the best from such beautifully conceived and executed "Class A" instruments. The Thiel 3.7 is certainly, within its limits, a beautiful loudspeaker. It should, given the right set-up and support gear, easily surpass the performance of the 2.4 IMO. 

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