Something about Thiel CS 3.7

Hello Guys,
I own since ten years the Thiel CS 2.4 (not SE) and I'm still happy with them but someone offered me the Thiel CS 3.7 as change with some added money.
Theorically should be an improvment respect my 2.4 expecially regarding the easyest load .. my 2.4 run with Primare A32 solid state amp.. that does a good job on them.
The 3.7 reading specs has 90db efficiency and 4 ohm load with a minimum around 2.3ohm while my 2.4 87db same 4 ohm load but a deep around 1.2 ohm .. not easy for amps.
Someone here tried both? .. and what do you think about?
Thanks in advance for your reply!
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I own the 2.4 and have also had them a long time. I demoed the 3.7 a number of times. The 3.7 is in a another league. It is an amazing speaker. Today it would cost $18k or more if it were still out. 

It will do everything your 2.4 does only better. They are cut from the same cloth so it will be evolutionary rather than different. I would take that upgrade in a heartbeat. I don’t know your amp but I heard them on a musical fidelity A5 (“cheap” integrated) and it blew my mind. I am more jaded these days as I have been exposed to a lot more stuff.