Someone want to verify this?

I recently sold my Lyra Delos cartridge to a guy at US Audio Mart, and I see it may be the one listed now at Audio Asylum Trader as one he purchased from a dealer in California and that it has less than 50 hours on it. I told him it had close to 120 hours on it. He didn’t even take his own pictures, he used mine. If someone wants to ask what the serial number is, and it happens to be DL4549, then that’s the one I sold him. Then he is a crook.

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  Audio Asylum took the ad down after I showed them I had sold it to him.  I asked if he will be banned, and there's been no reply.  I also noticed his other ads are still up.  I don't know why they would leave them up when he has been shown to be a liar.
What was the user name for the guy listing it. Page no longer available.

Thanks for calling this out
On Audio Asylum he's science_guy.  On US Audio Mart he's cody_the_cat.  He's out of Seattle.  Audio Asylum said they need to look at his ads, history, IP's in the database before they make a decision on what they're going to do with him.
I expect to see this mystery unfold on the "Investigation Discovery" channel. Good work, Sherlock!
In this case there wasn't any reason to lie.  120 hours is still low mileage.  What's wrong with people like this?  Psychotic I'd say.  

I expect to see this mystery unfold on the "Investigation Discovery" channel. Good work, Sherlock!

I'm still laughing you made my day.

I'm currently selling my Modwright LS-100 and a guy emailed to ask when I purchased it.  Had to go back a couple years, but imagine my surprise when I find I bought it from cody_the_cat.  Now it makes perfect sense as to why the tubes he sent with it were garbage when he said they were good.  The guy is a liar and a crook.
abucktwoeighty........I sent you a email....

 just an fyi but I sold Cody the Cat a Shelter 90x cartridge on 5-28-17  that needed to be fixed as one channel was not working.    I have pictures of the serial number and of the cartridge contact me if you happen to see this cartridge up for sale.    i just checked here, AA and USaudiomart and didnt see anything.

Damn had an experience with this guy to! He tried to dick me around about some speakers I had up for sale. Offered me a price I accepted, then blew me off. Then came back a few weeks later to see if they were still available and wanted to offer me a lower price. 
I purchased a Modwright Instruments 36.5 from him last September, fortunately it sounds great but he wanted extra cash for a NOS Mullard 5AR4 and a couple matched 6H30 tubes that he had for it with hardly any hours on them that he said transformed the sound over stock but i told him that i'll stick with what i already offered him for it but with the tubes included, i'm glad i did because the Mullard lit up like a 100 watt light bulb and blew the fuse on the preamp and the 6H30's were also garbage.
Ah! Two years later, this thread is coming to life again.Guess what? science_guy from Seattle also has an account here on Audiogon. He accepted my offer of $3000+fee+shipping for a McIntosh MC275 Mk V with no box or manuals (
A few hours later, he sent me a text with picture saying the cage was bent. I asked him to cover the $149 replacement cost, while I pay for the shipping. He refused and insisted on refunding. I disagreed, and immediately offered to cover half of the replacement cost + shipping. Shortly after, he sent me another message claiming one of the transformers had a dent, although they appeared fine on the pictures. I haven't heard from him since.
I checked my PayPal account today and saw a pending refund, although I never consented to cancelling the transaction.
Upon logging onto Audiogon, I could no longer find the transaction on my dashboard page. It's like nothing has ever happened. I never knew that you could just delete a transaction like that.
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