Someone tried Quad ESL63 and Magnepan 1,7in the same system?


I like to mix 😀 
My loadspeakers are Quad esl63 and Magnepan 1,7
The Quad is connected to a Vincent 236 hybrid 3*12ax7in the pre-amp section, the Maggies to Hegel H1. 
I live in a small appartment so I can't play loud and my hearing probably not the best after having this as a hobby for 50 years.
All items is connected to a Cyenne Audio CY-5100 DSD dac.
I've heard a lot of hi-fi through the years, but this odd system funnction really good, I think the loadspeakers complete each other. 

Someone out there that has some odd experience with audio systems that function good for your ears?

Sorry but that would sound like a blender to me, I’m sure you’d get better sound from just one or the other with proper setup, my bet would be on the Quads if fully functioning.

Unless your not telling us the whole story and your doing surround sound with a surround sound processor? and two are the fronts and the others are the rears.

Cheers George
I can honestly say I would not have thought of doing that, but after some reflections, it's brilliant!  Would love to see photos of your listening room.  It wasn't that long ago that I had two different loudspeakers sourced by a single digital component.  One loudspeaker was a stereo pair and the other was a mono horn system.  Though I never played them at the same time.  Now I can only wonder.
I actually did this with a pair of 1.6 and quad 63.  However I crossed the 63s at around 120 hz and used them just as woofers.  They made a big difference, way better than just adding a regular woofer as they are both panels so they respond very very quickly in a way a woofer just can’t.