Someone live in Tokyo ?

Hi to all. Afriend of mine is starting for a business trip in Tokyo (Japan) so i would ask him to get a look (and even a gift)in hifi shop there. Please, may u tel me some places to visit?
Thanks for looking

Thats a tough one! Japan is known for pricey audiophile gear! I do know that Audio Note Japan ( Sun Audio are there! In fact, if you visit the Sun Audio site - they have a dealer list, and where there is a dealer list - there are dealers with other brands as well! Not sure about the Sun Audio website, so go to and type in Sun Audio to do a search.

I do recall reading an article about another smaller establishment there that supposedly does wonderful work....but no sure who it was.

Go to Akihabara. Have a look around. Lots of "small" places. Often quite sheap.

hi and thanks for all your precious tips