Someone Know How To Set Up Spacearm?

I'm finding a black hole in the universe of how to set up Nottingham Space Decks, especially the Spacearm. All I've found is a very sparse manual for the deck, and a one-page thing about the arm. I did find the "Dealer Manual," which helps some, but does not define what the screws are. E.g. it talks about "arm lock screws" but there is no diagram that identifies which these are. I was able to discern which the VTA adjustment screw is, but the "grub screws in the arm pillar" are still not definite. Also, the screw in the top of the arm at the pivot has been tampered with although one of the drawings clearly states "DO NOT ADJUST...." I'm sure this can be rectified, but need some guidance. Someone here have some good info on how to do this job? Hope so, would be very much appreciative. I live in a rural area and am about 1,100 miles from the nearest dealer, so really out of luck!
Larry from Hollywood Sound is a great guy and Nottingham dealer. Maybe he could help you.
Call the manufacturer in the UK! They must be very practiced at guiding people over the phone given their sparse documentation.
Thanks for the feedback. I will have a look into Hollywood Sound since a call to England from New Mexico may get pretty pricey....

I'm actually making progress....I think I have the VTA set fairly accurately, the VTF was no sweat with my Shure gauge, and I've used the Baerwald protractor to check and set my cart alignment and this is also looking pretty good. The distance from the center of the spindle to the center of the pivot of the arm is precisely 210mm now that I've figured how to move the arm base - necessitates removal of platter to get to the lock screws that hold it in place. Loosened that and adjusted to spec, re-tightened and that is good. I'm thinking the overhang, therefore, since using the Baerwald and centering the stylus over the two points, should be right on as well. Thoughts?