Someone hit Martin Logan CLX with the ugly stick?

Looks very disjointed and garage built.
As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think they look great in red. Looking forward to listening to them; I like Logans.
Maybe a little bit disjoinyed, but who cares about looks if it sounds good?
Have you seen one first-hand yet? You can't judge the sound without hearing it and you can't judge the looks without seeing it. Pictures aren't a sufficient basis on which to judge. In this case, I believe that form definitely follows function. They concentrated on the sound, and then tried to make it look interesting. Lots of folks blasted the Summit and Vantage looks too, when they first came out. Now you don't hear anyone talking about their looks . . . just about how awesome they sound.
I'm cornfused. They're calling it the finest full range
blah blah blah. But the specs. read 56-23,000hz.
Am I missing something?
the specs. read 56-23,000hz. Am I missing something?
Yeah, about 30hz. in the low range.
Fugly, esp. compared to the original CLS. Even fugly compared to some of their hybrid offerings.
Not as fugly as Cain & Cain speaker's.
Cain & Cain's are beautiful next to Hansen's.
Well, it's at best controversial. The outer framing lookes ok, but the backside looks like cheap MDF haphazardly put together. The curved and flat panel looks odd together. I think ML should have looked at their Statement and separated them out with framing of the curved panel and leaving the flat panel slightly apart like the mid/upper bass tower. The base support should have been designed like the Statements also. But separating the panels may affect the sound. I'm not talking about sonics here, just looks.

Yea the 55Hz lower extension is piss poor especially similar SoundLab units extend down to 30Hz. A >$20k speaker should not look so poorly made. True, in real life it may look better but I doubt it. The CLS was light years ahead in terms of aesthetics.

Call me vain but ultra priced speakers not only should sound great but look the part as well.
Martin Logan owner here (Summits).. and even I have to question the design team for the CLX.

I don't know why it looks that way.
If Gale Sanders were still at the helm, the design would have been better me thinks. If you found an extremely comfortable chair for $3000 but it was puke green, Brady Bunch, 70's style Lazy Boy chair, would you buy it and put it in your modern home? I don't hate the style, just looks cheap for the money.
It looks like a room-separating panel.
We martin logan customers are so spoiled. It cost too much. It's too ugly. It does not go down low enough. Boo hoo.
Cheer up we could be Wilson fans.
They are ugly. But that's not the real issue: they look as if they were $500 DIY speakers. Who wants to buy them for the $20,000 retail price?

they are MUCH better looking in person.

I heard that Gayle Sanders TOTALLY loves the CLX, btw and is very proud of what they've done since he left the helm.

I can only say that you should experience the CLX before judging it. You will be AMAZED.
Coundn't agree more about the ugly stick thing! They sound worse than they look. I actually got up and walked out in the middle of the audition...after...I believe my ears...they started to least they felt like it anyway. Maybe it was the equipment, maybe the room? I really wasn't impressed at all with the entire project, especially for that kind of money!!
I did the same thing when the B&W Nautilus 801 debuted. I lasted all of 8 minutes.
I have a nice girl for you. She is active in the church. Has her own job. comes from a nice family. How does she look? Well she has nice personality. How does she look? She has a beautiful face?
Until I saw and heard a pair I would have agreed that the photos of the CLX are not flatering.
Up close they look much better, more of a whole than in the the shots I've seen of them.
The curved panel doesn't seem so pronounced for some reason.
Then again I really stopped looking at them when they started to play music, from an all Ayre system featuring the top of the line pre, cd and MXR monos.
I have owned Sequels, CLS 11z, Quad 63 and stacked 57',s and I can tell you if that is what you feel a stat should sound like, then the CLX will disappoint you.
These are not warm, rolled off romantic sounding speakers.
They are the best stats Martin Logan has made in my opinion and that includes a brief listening of the Statements.
They are in a select handful of speakers that I would buy if I had the funds,the others costing twice as much or more.