Someone can better BAT? Or not?

Interesting thing. I ran across and ad by someone named Audioman321 and for the sake of being completely correct I am presenting it here in its entirety:
“If your BAT Amplifier is an "SE" edition or has a Super-Pak upgrade then your amplifier uses Jensen capacitors that have a very limited life. According to Jensen this life is about 250 hrs of use. I'm providing the service to replace aging caps with brand new ones. I will quote each job individually, but below is an example price. BAT VK-600 or 600SE Super-Pak Overhaul $800.00 including return shipping of the board within the lower 48. Please allow up to 4 weeks, but usually it's much quicker. I will include your old capacitors as proof that the work was done. Please don't try to so this yourself. It's very easy to rip or lift a trace and the specific caps that BAT uses aren't comonly available in the US.If they are showing physical signs of wear then they need to be replaced immediately!!!My service can't be offered to countries that require ROHS compliance on imported electronics, as the solder and caps are not compliant. The solder I use is a closely held secret, but I can say that it's not compliant.I can also offer other caps available by individual quote, like Mundorf and Clarity Cap. These are more expensive, but provide better life. Clarity Cap MR's would run about $1900.00I will soon be able to offer a mod package for those who didn't get a Super-Pak from the factory, for around $1500.00”
Here is the link:
I’ve been using BAT equipment for quite some time, and being electrical engineer by education I was quite surprised by his statement that “According to Jensen this life is about 250 hrs of use”. I have never heard of current production capacitors of such short life so I decided to find out the truth. So I tried to find any available information about such short life of these capacitors (or any other for that matter) but I could not! There is simply no such thing available. Now, there are some special tests available, when they would run capacitors at twice the rated power and in extreme conditions, but that would be quite different from what the guys is stating, is that?
So just for everyone who owns BAT Super-Pak – not to worry, your gear would last for quite a bit longer, and with BATman himself available to answer your questions or concerns - you are in safe hands. As for “Audioman321” – well, people make their living in various ways. I just wonder if one really has to mislead others SO much?
It will be interesting to hear from Jensen, BAT, and other manufacturers...
I believe the OEM oil caps are made custom by Jensen to BAT specifications-- possibly to improve reliability. I would not fret the reliability issue. However, for a sonic improvement consider substituting V-Cap, Claritycap, or Mundorf for signal coupling.
BAT used to have Jensen - not anymore.
BAT oiol caps are produced by RTI factory in Los Anegeles, CA. Good caps and economical too.
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My VK-50SE took more than 250 hours just to break in. I guess if those caps were so short-lived, I would never know how my BAT could sound like in prime.
"Complete nonsense" is good characterization... paper in oil capacitors have life that is measured at least in decades.

It is also incorrect to state that we no longer use Jensen capacitors - we use a LOT of them, just in some applications we use different parts.

Victor Khomenko
Balanced Audio Technology