Somebody knows these speakers brand and model?

A friend is trying to sell this speakers but no idea about brand or how much he could sell it for.
 any guidance will be much appreciated!

attached is a photo.

Bowers & Wilkins DM-6

Look it up on and eBay completed auctions
Bowers & Wilkins.

A friend of mine has them. Still throwing parties and blasting them all night long. Those beasts are indestructible.
I wanted these a few years back; long ago, when these were new to the market, I live in NYC, heard these at Harmony House and fell for them,  At that time had no money to buy them, but wish I could have, and would love a pair if functional today.  

I have an interest in functioning pair, if the OP is selling.
Those might be the ugliest speakers I’ve ever seen in my life.....good gracious.
looks like a space heater with the grille on...
I used to own these in mid eighties and used them with a Sansui AU-D11 MK II integrated amp.Great speakers! 
They look like Westinghouse humidifiers that I had in the 1990s.
I'm sure they sound better!
There were called "pregnant robots" when they were in stores, in the mid-70s.  
looks like $600-800 would be in the ballpark for vg++-exc. if the heater and dehum both work
As far as looks go, love it, or hate it, the B&W DM-6 was a highly rated speaker system back in it's day.
Actually, with the bent metal feet, they were called Pregnant Penguins.  They were the first boxed speaker with geometric time alignment, pushing B&W to the forefront of speaker research.  All the magnets and voice coils are in the same plane, meaning that the sound arrives to your ears from each driver at the same time.