Some top cd-players


Is it possible to comment about ARC CD7, EMM CDSA SE, AMR CD-77 and Reimyo CDP-777 and compare them?

Thank you.
Send me $100,000. to buy them all... I'll compare them and get back to you...
But seriously, do you think even ONE person has made serious listneing tests in single environment of all these players to be capable of answering your question AND that they post here?
That's like the needle in the haystack coming when you whistle. Cool idea, but pretty unlikely.
(sorry to RANT at you, but questions like this are unanswerable!!! except by folks wanting to sway you toward thier favorite.)
Heard the ARC reference CD-7 and thought it sounded very good. I wouldn't buy one though because it is a one trick pony (redbook only). About as close to my (at the time)modded SCD-1 on redbook as I have heard a production player come. Although it was not in my system so take it for what it is.

Can't comment on the others.
See Arthur Salvatore's site, which describes a "shoot out" that included three of the four (along with some other players).
elizabeth, you are a wise women:

i have heard the reimyo and audio research players, but have not heard the two in the same system.

are you considering the purchase of one of these players ?

if so, you should listen to them. they are relatively expensive and there are is at least one other player you might consider as well, namely, the amr.

when you contemplate spending more than $5000 for a cd player, you should audition it in your own system.
Elizabeth you are right, but I hope that there are people who have auditioned combinations of two of them, so their comments would be very helpful.

Mrtennis could you comment further about your experience with the players you have heard?
my experience with the audio research player included visits to the audio research room several times during the last three years at the ces show, and recnetly, as part of my speaker selection effort, in which i heard the player paired with an antique sound lab preamp, de havilland amp and analysis audio omega speaker. i am looking to replace my magnepan 1.6s (another subject) and visited the importer of the omega speaker who owns the audio research player.

while i have not auditioned the player in my own system, i would say i find the player, slightly warm of neutral and having a balanced frequency response.

the reimyo player i also heard at ces, on two occasions.
i cannot comment on a comparison, as the two were heard in different stereo systems.

the amr player i heard at ces and the stereophile show in nyc. again, without i direct comparison, all i can say is that i personally, based upon my audition, prefer the amr .
i found a bit more color and thus a more tube-like presentation.

please keep in mind that i did not compare the three players directly and i did not hear them in my own system.
ideally, you should audition them yourself.

if i could not audition the players in my system and had to rely on the experience of others, i would look for confirmation of opinions.

if you note that there is similar opinion on a given player from a number of audiogon members, i would perhaps have more confidence than if opinions varied.

still, there is a risk in buying a component without hearing it yourself.
Interesting how the mighty have fallen.

None of these players are mentioned in Salvatore's latest rankings.
Audiofeil, you would be better served to confine your comments to products you sell.

Mrtennis, I wholeheartedly agree with your closing remark.
I have not mentioned any products in my line unlike many other vendors. Simply pointing out the current state of Salvatore affairs and I really don't need an amateur's advice thanks.

I guess his new list must not contain products in your line as it did before Brian? Can't sell them anymore because of the list.

Hit a nerve did I?

Nothing like hijacking a thread to act like children. Come on Bill i have bought from you and it was very professional but this is silly and unnecessary.Also, who really cares about reviewers after we have been in the game a long time?

Well, I see that nothing has changed with "AudioFail", still enjoys acting like a child and taking cheap shots at people to try and cover up his short comings...

Mr Tennis,
Have you had a chance to compare the AMR to the Ayon CD-1 or 2? Any thoughts??