some simple questions about cables.

Hi from Italy. could you please anwer me:
1. when i see witten "interconnects", does it mean both cable between cdp-pre and cable between amp-speaker?
2.if so, can the same interconnect cable model be used both between cdp-pre and between pre-amp? Or are there different kinds of interconnects for different usage?
Thank you
1. Yes
2. Yes. Use the same interconnects at both locations, you can vary the length though.

"Interconnects" fall into two major categories. The categories are "phono cables" and "interconnects." Everyone I know of will specify a cable as a phono cable before hand. Obviously Phono cables have a specific purpose of connecting a turntable to a "phono" preamp. Yes cables connect CD players and other units to the preamp and to the amps. They are either labeled single ended, or more commonly named RCA Ends. Or they are labled Balanced, with XLR Ends. The other cable is "Speaker Cables," which connect amps to speakers.

You may want to re-read the first question.

Interconnects are usually the low-level cables that carry a signal between source and pre-amp (or source and input to an integrated amp) or between pre-amp and amp.

Typically the cables used between amp and speakers are called speaker cables, not interconnect cables.

Yes, you can buy the same brand and sometimes the same model of interconnect cable and speaker cable, but there is no reason why you would need to use the same brand for both.


Speaker cables are NOT interconnects. Speaker cables go from the amp to the speaker.

Interconnects go from the CD, Minidisc, etc to the preamp or to an integrated amp. Interconnects are used to connect an amp to a preamp.

Speaker cables and interconnects are 2 different cables.
Oregon, You definitely got it right. Succinct without a lot of flowery nonsense. Were you Italian in a past life?
First of all: thanks to those who answer.
I've got the point as for the difference between "interconnects" and "speaker" cables.
I 've some other questions:
a) is the so called "unbalanced" connection the most common and used one?
b) unbalanced connection means through XLR plugs?
c) what does "single ended" mean?
d) if i go in the "shop" for used interconnects cables, what specifications of the seller should i check to make sure they fit my system (Audio Research CLassic30+LS2,Rogers LS3/5??
Thank you
I would like to add that there is a synergy between manufactures cables. No disrespect but I have found that mixing brands can effect the sound / resolution of a system. I started with Kimber cables which were great (copper). I introduced Siltech interconnects which was silver /gold. My system suffered and I couldn't figure out why, I had spent good money for what I thought wowuld be a upgrade. Spoke to the local dealer and he impressed upon me the fact that I was using different metals which created a smearing effect. When I replaced all the Kimber with Siltech I regained the clearity and warmth that I was accustomed to. So be careful whether it is interconnects or speaker cables which are different don't mix metallurgy. I try to stay with the same manufacture for all my cables, including digital which is a different kind of interconnect but not mention by any of the responders. Happy listening
a) Yes
b) No - XLRs are used for balanced cables, RCAs for unbalanced cables which are also called single-ended
c) Single-ended means unbalanced and will be terminated with RCAs
d) Let's wait till someone that knows these products well can answer you. I suspect you can use either balanced or unbalanced between the ARCs, and either of spade, banana, pins or bare wire for termination of the speaker cable.