some rookie questions

My system Technics SUG700 integrated 70 watts per channel 8 ohms 140watts 4 ohms. Canton 9k reference stand mounted 88dB,JAMO C80 sub,and Marantz cd 6007, and maker cables and Audioquest interconnect. At some future time, I will buy a streamer.Very neutral-sounding not warm at all( a little sweetness would be nice) I would  not say it is forward as all instruments seem to be at the speaker ( which really do vanish) and behind it. 

I've read on Audiogon many guys saying their listening is within the 80 dB range at their listening position. I played 3 of my CDs to test limits Drum Medicine, Guitar Fingerstyle, and Breath the relaxing strings. My observation 80 + dB is very loud I like it around high 50 dB into low 70 max dB for most music.  So I'm curious what loudness do folks typically listen at? Does the system the music is played over have any bearing on one's ability to sit and listen to 80dB and above for extended periods? ie some systems are laid back, some forward I don't think it would matter as 80 dB is 80 dB, or am I missing something?

 Say I'm listening to Steely Dan's Aba  my system seems compressed at 50dB and below but my System  come to life at my listening position of 8 ft at from about 50 +dB  and creeping into 70ies. My system really wakes up,and hits its stride at 70dB. At 80dB the band is in my room!! imaging, sound stage, inner detail great but it is too loud to listen to a complete album in the 80 dB range it feels like front row at a concert. My amp will be pushed to clipping above 90ish dB ( based on the peak power meters on the amp). I try to max my highest dB level so it won't exceed or just go over the 0 on the peak power meter on the amp, is it ok to push the system further ie -5,-10 on my peak power meter on occasion on some notes but not have the needle sit there? More fundamental what does the 0 and plus and minus numbers mean ie what does -10 represent on the peak power meter?

Some more questions do all speakers( or should I still use the term system) have a sweet spot and a range they play best? Does a system affect that speaker's sweet spot? That is can it lower or raise the range that the speaker plays best?

Are low-powered tube and SS amps limited to playing only on high-efficiency speakers? Since my speakers, optimum power rating is 120 to 200 watts my amp is underpowered at 70 watts, but plays way loud enough but could clip those speakers for lack of power. 

Final questions about my amp it has a tone control for bass, mids, and highs with a range of plus 10 to minus 10 again  what the heck does that mean/represent ? is it the same as an equalizer? 

Speaking of equalizers I am thinking of purchasing a Schitts Loki mini plus putting it between the cd and integrated amp since I have only one source, is this a good idea it seems so? 

And thank you for reading this and for taking the time to give your insights.





I typically listen in the low 70db range. High 70’s sometimes. Most of the folks I know will only occasionally listen in the 80’s. But I think the better the sound quality the lower the volume… that has been my experience.


Virtually all speakers have a sweetspot… it can be only about the size of your head with planar speakers and open up considerably to be a couple feet with some dynamic. Omnidirectional will have the largest.


If you haven’t spent days getting your speakers perfectly positioned then your probably not getting remotely what they are capable of. Start with equilateral triangles… I would search on speaker positioning. Toe-in is critical. Your speakers are capable of amazing sound… imaging.. soundstaging. Lots of work required to get the most out of them.


More power will solidify the bass make the sound more effortless. In general tubes can be more musical, but implementation is everything. Your speakers will probably sound better with more power. On the Other hand my


In general, you want your meters to stay on the left three quarters of the scale.


Most systems have a point where they “sound best”. I think my observation is that the better the system is, the wider the range of sounds good is. My system now sounds good at almost any volume, I have the best system that I have ever owned. Actually my dealer says it is the best system he has ever heard, and he has been in the business for over twenty years (photos under my user ID).


Last I checked my average listening was at 65-70dB. 12’ x 16’ room, I sit about 8’ away. Speakers are raked back which makes them fill the room and sound louder.

You can't clip speakers. Typically an underpowered amp "flat lines" or "squares off" frying the tweeter coil(s). So I would stay away from 80+ dB with your setup.

Tone control IS EQ. The best place for a Loki is a tape or processor loop. I have both. 

What's in your wallet?

Fuzztone 80 dB no sweat, 90 dB still below 0 with occasional spikes into -5 region on some notes but I'm only 8 ft away so no need to go that loud even with led zepplin lol. The sug700 may not be a perfect match but man that's is a good integrated amp picked up on here for 1700 from a guy who had it 3 months then decided to go separates.It's nice to have that type of disposable income.

while the match may not be ideal power wise if you are an SS guy like me in a near field listening situation it sounds freaking great except the sound is just not as big as my older floor standing 2c mk2 Snells ( loved those speakers) ,but it blows away those Snells in all other respect.


So someone tell me what the 0, -5,  -10, +5,+10, actually mean? LOL I think I found it in a very detailed engineering mathematical explanation online suffice it to say thisMIGHT be what it means correct me if I'm wrong.

Double the power: +3 dB
Halve the power: -3 dB
Ten times the power: +10 dB
One tenth the power: -10 dB
100 times the power: +20 dB
1/100 the power : -20 dB



IMHO, you haven't heard your system yet. Getting the most from any system (yours is quite good for anyone, let alone a "rookie), one should start with the source, if it isn't as good as the rest of your system, it becomes the limiting factor. First thing to upgrade is your CD player. I just picked up a barely used Audiolab 6000 CDT, a transport, which means you also need a dac and a digital cable. The review I provided is quite thorough, using a variety of very inexpensive dacs but finishing with a very high quality dac.




Tweak1  Thank you for the advice I read the review Let me ask you since the sug700 has a good DAC per reviews therefore would I need another DAC since the transport would be run thru the sug700 (see a rookie question lol).

Easy Peasy:  get a coax cable (see link below) mine is1.5m, but the 2.0m is good, too. It connects between your Technics SUG700 digital coax input from the transport coax out. I think it is directional. You can buy direct from AA and still get free shipping. If you need to, you can use the Marantz as a transport, but it won't hold a candle to the Audiolab, which is a high end audio bargain