Some Rega love.

Sitting here tonight I was spinning some classical music. Notably "The Best From Russia We Love", Westminster Gold, stereo LP. WGS-8103.

Ok, so why make this post? First I have had my P3-24 since last May and have grown to really enjoy its fidelity. My system is a nice system but far from high end. The Rega P3-24, a Denon DL-110, Cambridge Audio 640p phono preamp, running to an Onkyo TX-SR806 A/V (mid grade receiver) Left and Right stereo outputs hooked to my Anthem PVA2 power amp and my Paradigm Studio 20v4. I am overly anal about set up in room and have a judicious amount of room wall panels. I think I have a nice all around set up. Playing this Russian (taster) classical LP resulted in verifying the great synergy the P3-24 has with the rest of the system. Truly a refreshing aural experience and IMO one Hell of a nice turntable for the money.

I've had numerous turntables since getting back into vinyl from 2003 and each I liked very much and were nice and even superlative units but the Rega P3-24 (gloss red too) is clearly a sweet sounding unit in my system. Is it perfect? NO! but darnit it just spins some sweet vinyl sounds... Over the months I've really come to appreciate its genuine fidelity and audio flavour. I just had to give it some Rega love.
My Rega P3-24/Exact 2/ TT-PSU is a beautiful analog front end within the context of my system. Sure, I could spend a lot more money for incremental improvements, but, "bang for the buck," the Rega P3-24 is a great turntable.
Years ago I had a Rega p 25 I think. Since then went on a SME 20/2 and now a Grand Prix Audio Monaco...

That Rega is a killer good deck (so is your cartridge!)

It's not about hi end or's about musical enjoyment. I don't doubt that with careful placement of room treatments and're likely getting killer good sound. Congrats !!
How dare you admit to enjoying your system and music on this forum. That's not what it's here for, surely. I'm surprised the moderators haven't deleted this thread.

Just funnin'! It's great to see someone so unabashedly happy with their system... must be the holiday spirit. Keep 'em spinning!
I sold 2 Sondek LP 12's and got the Rega RP3 RB303 arm with a Linn Adikt MM cart and like it just fine. I've had it since May. One third the cost too.