Some "room" help needed inplanning for a new condo

Hello, I am in the early process of building a 2nd story condo flat in downtown Indianapolis. I am unsure how moving into the condo with a "great room" will effect my listening. I know the rooms will be ultra-sound-insulated for neighbor-noise stuff, but not much else.

Specifically I want to know (1) if the layout is going to be bad for listening and (2) am I going to be able to fill the room with music given my system.

I am only Mid-Fi comparred to most (Totem Sttaf speakers, Integra AVR Integrated Amp, and an ok Sony CDP). I am only interested in a 2 channel system, but have been planning on upgrading my receiver/CDP to a Jolida 302b/100 set.

The room is all hardwood and has 10' ceilings. I have posted pictures of the layout and real shot of the model:

As you can see I would like to mount a flat TV over the fireplace in the corner and then place my speakers in fron of the fireplace as illustrated, but I am not sure if this will work.

I would put my components off to the side in a cabinet. I would also think about sizing my sttaf's down to arro's so I could get them in closer to the walls, but I am probably going to be told I need something bigger (I DO love the totem sound). ...Thanks Gonners for your wisdom
Send me pictures of the entire room. My wife and I have the same sort of problem, that being that to me "listening" is not listening if the room is totally out of sync and my couch and "3 theater chair arrangement" is actually tucked into our den and we are mounting a 50 plasma behind it. I can probably give you a bit of insight. Are the totem speakers floorstanders? One last thing. If you pay cash and if you get to see their work there are a lot of tradesmen who could modify your flat for a more reasonable price than you might think. Probably a much more reasonable price than selling your babies (totems), buying another speaker you hate, and then the repurchase and seasoning to develop that sweet sound you are looking for.
Ed in VA Beach!
p.s.- I still like the Hoosiers!
Yes, the totems are floorstanders. Unfortunatly the condo will no be finished until December so I do not have pics.

I like the corner position because of the fireplace for speaker placement because (1) it will look nice with the furnature/living area and (2) it would tend to project towards the rest of the condo (gally kitchen/den space in the opposite side of the fireplace) where we minght be wandering about.

I am do not want to be too critical here, just abple to enjoy my music at a higher quality.