some old headphones I loved, what is similar now?

Some years ago I had owned several headphones and liked some Electret Condenser ones from Audio Technica, no memory on the model.  Is there someting that for under 200 dollars you can suggest?  I listen mainly to classic acoustic Jazz and female Jazz/Standard vocals.  Volume and exagerated bass are not of interest. 

That tech has evolved into full on Electrostatic systems & NO,nothing like that for $200.00....What is available is the fantastic Planar Magnetic headphones,think Magnaplanar speakers.IMO the ABSOLUTE hands down bang for $ champ is the HiFiMan HE400i,available for $200.00(half what they cost 2 years ago) mine has faced challenges from twice as expensive Audeze LCD-2,Sennheiser HD700 & HD800(3 times more $),Grado something I forget & sent all pretenders packing!You simply can NOT get more performance for $200.00.....
For $150, I have had a good experience with the Sennheiser HD 569 headphones. While not on the same level as the Sennheiser HD 650 or HD 820, they sound very good for the price. I bought my headphones new for $150, and bought a used iFi DAC for $50 — almost a tenth of the price of a new HD 820.
Thank you much for your replies.  Your suggestions mirror what I have been looking into.  I hope you and yours are safe in your area.