Some more modern jazz piano trios

Since discovering Christian Pabst several years ago, I've been slowly expanding my catalog of good contemporary jazz piano trios. Among these include the absolutely fantastic Triosence and the equally melodious Yuko Mabuchi Trio. An older artist still putting out immaculately played and recorded albums is Steve Kuhn and his trio.

Any other suggestions?


@macg19 I do not but thanks for the recommendation.  I will look for it soon. Cheers.

Let me add this.  The Patricia Barber Trio.

I know many consider her a vocalist, but of course she is an excellent pianist as well.  Here is one of my favorite instrumental performances by her:


Yes. I mean, I'm pretty familiar with the classic trios from Evans onward. I'm looking for more 21st century trios. And thank you everyone for the suggestion so far