some home theater advice please

I am trying to set up a system that will be good for both audio and video. Listening to CDs and vinyl are very important as well as watching television. So here are my plans:
1. I am planning on acquiring a new 65" panasonic plasma
2. Oppo BDP 95 bluray. I don't know anything about bluray but this seems to be the one that gets a lot of attention on the forum.
3. I am hoping I can connect the oppo to a stereo pre amp (that has a remote) which will run to an old stereo amp and lastly some good sounding stereo speakers (klipsch cornwalls).
Please tell me what I may be missing from this set up and what problems I might run in to. I don't really care about surround sound and having a great sounding stereo is very important to me. All suggestions are very much appreciated.
Hi Wemfan - you might consider a good AVR. I used to use a Harmon Kardon, but now I have my plasma separate from my audio system. You will also need to have a phonostage for vinyl unless there is one built in to your preamp.
The BDP-95 does have a very good analog output stage, so this will work just fine for you.
set it up first of the best audio, then add for theater. Be sure to get a screen cover for when using as audio.