Some help setting up a PC based audio system.

I want to transfer my CDs to a computer and use this as a front end. I have a friend who has an older MAC MINI he is willing to give me. I really don't know alot about computers so I wanted to know if an older one would work alright for audio. Is there an operating system that works better than others? Is Itunes OK to use or would another program work better? I purchased a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 so I could use the usb input. Any advise would surly help. Thanks, Paul.
An older MAC Mini makes a great digital rig. Just run iTunes for simplicity. Be sure to rip your CDs in lossless format like AAIF and be sure to turn on error correction when ripping. Connect the Wyred4 Sound DAC via USB and you are all set.

There are some great MAC tuning ideas on Larry Moore's Ultra Fi site and on Gordon Rankin's Wavelength Audio site. Well, at least there was last time I checked about a year ago. Also, Computer Audiophile is a good resource for digital music systems.


I agree with Reubent that the Mini is a great way to easily get into a music server. You don't need a particularly fast processor or a lot of RAM to run iTunes but the internal hard drive on an older Mini is likely to be quite small. Ripping your CDs to AIFF or even Apple Lossless can quickly fill up a small hard drive but it's very simple to add an external USB or Firewire drive. Decent 1 terabyte drives are now not much more than $100 and will hold hundreds of CDs.
The older Mac should work fine, although you may not be able to put it into 64-bit mode.

I would recommend Pure Music to run with iTunes and upgrade to 4GBytes of memory in it.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Is AIFF better than Apple Lossless as I have alot of my CDs already copyed with Apple Lossless on my desktops extermal HD to load my Ipod? I could just copy this drive to another external HD to use with the MAC Mini. Does the operating system on the MAC Mini matter?
In theory Apple Lossless files should match AIFF files bit for bit. Some people with golden ears claim they can hear differences but honestly I'm skeptical.
I agree with Synthfreek, there's no reason to re-rip CDs that have been done with Apple Lossless. Similarly, there will be people who will tell you they can hear a difference between versions of the OS but as long as the OS is supported on your Mini and will run iTunes just start using it and worry about any imagined differences later.