Some help in pricing a few pieces of equipment.

I am new to this forum and would like to use it to help arrive at some fair market prices for some equipment I intend to sell soon. I own a McIntosh MA 7000 integrated amp, a set of JSE Infinite slope 1.8 speakers and a Lynn LP 12 turntable with an Itok arm, a lingo and a dynavector 20x cartridge.
The LP12 is a 1974 version but I had it completely overhauled and brought up to approximately 2011 specs by Dave Wilson at Accent on Music in MT Cisco, NY. For those of you who know Dave, his work is impeccable and I used his advice and guidance to make the upgrades that made the most sense and offered the best overall results. The table works perfectly and looks great.
The Infinite Slope 1.8s are a great set of speakers and very unique in that when I purchased them a few years ago, I contacted the man who designed and built these speakers, John Sollecito and he agreed to take them in and bring them up to 2011 specs. He replaced all of the drivers and the crossovers. He did the work himself and when it was done he told me that if he built these speakers and sold them today, he would charge between $5000 and $6000 a pair. They are really awesome but I need to downsize.
The McIntosh MA 7000 is like new. I purchased it two years ago from Classic Audio in Bingington, NY. I know that it is worth about $5500 but I’m wondering how much interest there is out there for a two year old McIntosh integrated amp.
Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.
You can search for the items you want to sell on this site,Ebay,and AA and see what others are asking.That gives gives you a starting point anyway.Perhaps ask your audio dealer for an opinion.Ability to provide documentation of the upgrades will help.
Assuming that this is not a blatant attempt to skirt the rules and save the listing fees by posting in the forum instead of buying a classified ad, all you have to do is pay for access to the Audiogon bluebook. Put that together w what you fine on flea-bay and a few other audio for sale sites, and you should have a pretty good idea.
I'll give you $100 shipped for all of it.
All I can say is yes, there's plenty of interest in a two year old McIntosh integrated amplifier.
Swampy is correct. Agon makes it pretty clear and easy to sell your items or determine their value. That is how they fund this site. I for one, will not do business with anyone who tries to skirt the proper channels. We bitch about the fees but in the big picture it has been a bargain for me considering the relationships I have made here.
GEE- You guys don't REALLY think the post sounded like a sales pitch, DO YOU? (ROTF/LMAO)