Some Graham Phantom Concerns.

Hello friends,

I bought a Phantom I tonearm & was reading the manual few days ago.
I have a concern on page 5, the part it says about tracking force.
It says the std counterweight will properly balance cartridges weighting between approx 4 and 7 grams.
My concern is my shelter 501 weights 8.1grams while my other cart has a weight of 11 grams.
Do I need to purchase the auxiliary counterweight adaptor for these two carts to work ? or am i missing something here ?

my 2nd concern is the bolts that mounts the Phantom base to the tonearm base. Does Graham supply these bolts or does the manufacturer of the turntable supply the bolts ?

THanks for the help.
As to the bolts any will do, available at local hardware store. I would go with brass or SS. One or the other MAY have supplied bolts but they often get misplaced or are the wrong length etc. SME for one suggests the local hardware approach, nothing magical about any original bolts I have ever used and that is a lot. You would probably be better off to go with the aux adaptor but there are other expediencies. Blutacking a coin to the back of the counterweight is perhaps a little low brow for an arm of this expense but has been known to work. I am sure that Graham users will have suggestions.
I used to have Graham 2.2, Phantom I, and now have Phantom II. I used to own a Dynavector XV-1s that weighed 13 grams. I didn't have problem with it using the Phantom I. Its counterweight is more than enough to balance the XV-1s. You might have misinterpreted something on Page 5. You don't need to buy adaptor.

Graham supplies the bolts for the arm base. But you can get it from hardware stores.
You did read the wrong manual!
You read the manual from Graham 2.2

You have
Installation Instructions
Phantom Tonearm (the first 6 Pages)
Model 2.2 Tonearm (the following pages)

On the first page you will find
Phantom B-44 Specifications:
Cartridge weight range: 5-19 grams
Appreciate the inputs !! thank you very much!!