Some girls Deluxe

Anyone heard the new version of the Stones "Some Girls"? I've read it is really compressed. I won't buy it then. Seems a lot of people, even on this site, think loud is better. What other deluxe re-issues are overcompressed and not worthy. How about Quadrophenia/
I have heard many complaints about Nirvana's Nevermind Deluxe 4 LP reissue...but it didnt stop me from getting a copy (which will arrive via mail in a few days.). I will provide a review shortly.
I thought the new Some Girls sounded great.
Jaybo, when you say it sounded great do you know if it was compressed or not? Not trying to criticize but clear and compressed to me is not great.
How many unreleased songs are on it? I heard one of them on NPR last week and it was actually very good.
I think it sounds pretty great too -- lively, enjoyable, and fun. I didn't compare it with other versions but it struck me as better sounding and more involving than the last time I heard it. Hard to say about compression for me because almost all rock music has a good deal of that. I think it has about 10 songs on the bonus disk, which to me are better and more enjoyable than the ones on the Exile remix. I think most of them are better than most of the material on most of the post 70s Stones albums (except Voodoo Lounge). FWIW, Exile is probably my favorite Stones album but I think of Some Girls as one of the best Stones album to come out after Exile.
Well, not much info to go on as far as compression. I've heard many rock cd's that aren't heavily compressed, especially older cd's. With new technology to clean up and clarify recordings it seems a shame we can't get clarity and dynamics.
I didn't buy it yet, but I did see it advertised on prime time TV, which I thought was very interesting and almost nestalgic to see an ad for physical media music on the tube. I don't recall seeing any other music ads on TV for 20 years or maybe 30? Does anyone even have players for that type of thing anymore?? lolololol!!