Some Fun? "B" Groups/Performers??

Well, I'm not thinking of the Cubs or '70's Iowa or Northwestern,, I'm thinking more Dave Clark Five, Del Shannon, Lovin Spoonfull...etc. So, who are you favorite groups or individuals that were never quite #1 or always in the shadows of others. Maybe Dinah Washington or Sarah Vaughn always living down from Billie and Ella... A thought that brought this on..a friend and I were talking of good concerts..and I thought of the time I saw Steve Martin and John Sebastian was his opener.. Well, after the 3rd curtian call Mr Sebastian finally was allowed to leave the stage,..and Steve Martin came out and said..."Did you like John Sebastian"?..and of course the crowd exploded..and Steve said.."last time I'll ever have that a_ _ hole" open.
So, who are your favorite also-rans?
Little Feat! They have been rocking my world since the early 70's.
Hi....sorry, in my post I ment encore..for Mr. Sebastian..
rather than curtian call.....different ends..
Whatjd Dinah Washington OK but how dare you 2nd down Sarah to Billie Holliday:*) Billie may have had a magic with some but she was a one octave singer to me. Sarah is the Divine One.

Poco to Buffalo Springfield and CSNY. Expanded further Steven Stills to Neil Young. And Vegasears sure picked one of my favorite bands, Little Feat that shoulda, coulda, woulda but, I just can't figure why they never dida.
I agree Tube Groover about Sarah. However, I get what whatjd is trying to achieve so I'll give a little input. How about the Sylvers behind the Jackson 5. Here's the best, The Monkees behind the Beatles??? Boy what a reach!!!!
Rose Tattoo, because I am a rock 'n' roll outlaw. The other is Radio Birdman.
Uh, ok, so I'm really not that, but I would be one if I wasn't busy bein other stuff besides a rock 'n' roll outlaw.
Mark Eitzel--voted songwriter of the year by Rolling Stone in 1991,used to front a band called American Music Club,now solo with an electronica based album out called the Invisible Man.
He's never sold many records but has written some of the most beautiful songs ever.
Basically too near the bone for wide-ranging appeal and too depressive for some but to me he's....well a flawed genius I guess.....check out the record Everclear by American Music Club and tell me I'm wrong.....

REO Speedwagon, Though they did hit big with "High Infidelity" they had many previous albums as good and better. "REO TWO" possibly their best though poorly recorded. "You can Tuna Piano..." and "Nine Lives" are also very good. Most people think of REO as a power ballad group. However their early stuff is some of Rock n Roll,s finest which never got the attention it should have IMO.

Pre Joe Walsh Eagles. I'm not trying to bash Joe, but their earlier stuff with Bernie Leadon was as good and maybe better. Joe did a good job in replacing Bernie but he did not make the Eagles as is portrayed by many.

Don't know if this was on topic but it gave me a chance to vent. Thanks
I agree again with Artemus. I loved the early REO, especially REO Two with Boots Randolph jamming with the band on their version of "Little Queenie". Essentially a B band for most of their careers with their best stuff being their earliest IMO.
the Beatles were a great "B" band, they just could not live
up to their billing after "I want to hold your hand".Besides
they did not have a great intellectually stimulating TV show like the Monkees.

ONLY KIDDING!!!!!!!!! Long live the greatest "B" band,
The Yardbirds!!!!!