Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?

Soekris 2541                $1.1

Doge 7                         $1.2

Mhdt Pagoda               $1.4

Denafrips Pontus         $1.8

Audio Mirror SE           $2.5

Holo Audio Spring 2    $2.7

Audio Note 4.1 Kit       $3.6

Lampizator Amber 3    $3.8

Anyone who can speak from experience  about comparisons
between any two these?

I like the use of a tube and I like the R2R style of build.

Prefer to stay under $2.5 but might be swayed.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

(Some of these prices are certainly not correct)
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Your input is most helpful. Thanks. So your suggestion would
be that I buy the AudioNote 4.1 DAC for $3k?
...What I have noticed is under $5000 you get what you pay for...

...$5000 will get started in the do all r2r dac's...
Can you guys, or others, please elaborate on what one should expect to get at the $5000 level for a r2r DAC? Is it the quality and size of power supply, better parts in general, better shielding, and or what? Do one of these contribute more to high quality sound than the others? 

The more DAC threads I read, the more confused I get.

I am running an old Theta Probasic III and felt it was superior to a variety of non r2r DACS that I tried in my system. So, I am, rightly or wrongly, convinced that for me, r2r is the way to go.

I am at the point in my life that I would be willing to spend bigger bucks for what would be an endgame DAC for me. I am not the sort of person who chases the latest and greatest but would prefer to spend more on a modern DAC that should stand the test of time as I expect for me.

Thanks for listening, 


@chorus. You've had more chance for direct comparison than most of us get, so you're fortunate to have an active local club. The challenge for me when I enjoyed the same was that in "shootout" conditions, you're lucky to have more than a few minutes in the sweet spot, let alone for each DAC. Your ears are perked up, the analytical side of your brain on high alert. Advantage to the overly detailed, etched and analytical gear.
OTOH, at home with extended listening sessions, the other side of your brain gets its due...musicality has its chance to shine. It's no wonder we share tales of amazing store demoes followed by disappointment after purchase. It's hard! 

FWIW, I recently purchased and broke-in a Pontus II which I upgraded to from a Schitt Gungnir Multibit. My narrowed down list included much overlap with yours, along with the Chord Qutest. I've heard Soekris, MHDT dacs but not side by side, so I can't draw much in specific comparison. What I can tell you is that the Denafrips Pontus II does deliver the magic with great recordings; the goosebumps and the "teleportation - you are there -- they are here". I hear tons of detail, but that pales in comparison to the natural timbre, rhythmic drive, natural untangling of complex passages and pure beauty of the human voice. These impressions are on this system:
My decision came down to perceived value, build quality and likely value retention. Denafrips IMHO, is on track to survive in the long run. Unfortunately, many in the industry aren't around in 5 years when you may need support. So far, I'm feeling great about choosing the Pontus.
@chorus, I am considering 2 DACs, one on your list the Audio Mirror SE and one not seen mentioned on this thread, the Mojo Audio Mystique V3.  There are excellent reviews on both DACs but would like to hear from anyone who has done a direct comparison. Not able to audition either of these, I have settled for a lot of reading and the

Mojo has upgraded the V3 to the Evo and reports claim performance rivaling $10K DACs !  The V3 is available for about $3500, the Evo is beyond my budget.

@dsper, I used to belong to a small local get-together and was known to have the best redbook performance from my ancient Wadia 15, beating some modern and expensive units. The Wadia and Theta were overbuilt tanks and top of their game. The Theta Gen. V is particularly good.