Some components too old now?

I have a traditional HiFi. Some bits are really old, but still working fine and I wouldn’t have a clue about updating even if I wanted to. Just wondering how long I can expect them to last, and whether I should pro-actively seek to update before there’s a catastrophic failure.
In particular, my CD player, pre-amp and DAC date back to around 1990, so these are about 30 years old now:
Marantz CD80 / Aragon 24k (with phono stage that I use) / Aragon D2A


Oh great, that makes sense now. I thought all was of that not changed or updated vintage. So you have a turntable, amp and speakers you are happy with. Nice, that makes it much easier for you to really get a nice bump in sound quality.. 

I don't know what your cash limit is I totally understand how you appreciate using physical medial with CD and Records. That is great and good for you.

I think as far as bang for buck if you can afford this below it will be great add for you.

Read about it but it really will provide a level of performance that is state of the art and in the last year or they have dropped a lot in price to make it an amazing performance per dollar spend.

I owned one for a while before I switched to PS Audio DirectStream DAC and then to Bricasti M1SE DAC and honestly this DAC legit competed with those world class SOTA Dacs and for $1,500 bucks I don't think anything can touch it. You will use your CD player now as the transport and just need to make sure you also get a good solid little cable to attach your CD player transport to this DAC

Auralic Vega D/A Converter $1500

Stereophile Class A

John Atkinson
"  Summing Up
I am tempted to declare that, at $3499, the Auralic Vega is a bargain. For just over 5% of the price of the dCS Vivaldi three-piece DAC, the Vega got remarkably close in sound quality,


If this DAC is too much money then grab one of these below but if you can afford the $1500 you will love it.

A couple less expensive options below For using with your CD player I think the Benchmark is better. An older but very fine unit. 

Benchmark DAC-1 $350

Schiit Bifrost DAC D/A Converter; USB  $335

     My B&W DM 14's are 38. My 803 Series II are 22.  My Acoustats are 33.  My Audire amps are (Forte) 38 and 22; and 35? (Parlando).  My two turntables are 40 (DD) and 35 (Bele) with 3040 year old arms from Grace, Formul 4, and Signet.  My tuners are 40, 40, 40,  (Kenwood 1979) and 22 (B&K).  My subs cabinets are 25 with newer, Peerless drivers at about 15+, plus some others with older drivers from 1970's DM16's.  My Audire preamps, Diffet 2, 3, and 3, plus POCO head amp, are 30+, 38, and 20+. My CD player is the newest at 10.  The only thing needing repair is two caps on a preamp power supply, and Stereo needles.
     Buy good stuff, and it lasts. No, I have not just sat back.  I have owned to audition Classe with much more power, NAD, Mark Levinson, Adcom, Sumo, GAS, and a lot more Classe. Only JC labeled (John Curl) Mark Levinson was good enough, with Classe being at least very interesting, but I kept all Audire electronics.
     I listened to Dizzy's All Star while typing this.  Now for some Yo Yo!  Then, maybe Violent Femmes or Portugal. TM.   
Ha! Nice one @danvignau 
I’m with you. The focus is on whether I should update my Aragon D2A DAC cos it’s 28 years old, and it’s the one digital component I have and so the one that should benefit most from an update. I’ve been a sucker for Aragon ever since I heard a 4004 power amp in 1990. Bought it and loved it for 27 years, and that lead me into the 24k pre-amp with phono stage (love my vinyl) and the D2A DAC to accompany the Marantz CD80 used as transport.
So far the jury is still out. The Aragon DAC has a separate power supply and is still very highly regarded it seems. Not sure I want to risk swapping it for a soul-less new box of silicon chips.
Stick to your current dac. There is always something better out there. But you have avoided the merry-go-round for a really long time. Keep doing it!

I myself am a CD nut as well. I get so much joy buying new and 2nd hand. Totally great. I advise you to focus on the music, not upgrading. Because if you bought that Schiit, why stop there? Why not buy something even better? Of buy a better CD transport!  Not to mention synergy problems....

Don’t get suckered in

I am really all for getting older equipment that sounds good, BUT no matter how you slice it, wherever there are electrolytic capacitors, their days are numbered. Mostly, at the 20+ year mark, they may not be living up to their specifications. Maybe only a little bit down, maybe more. There isn't any way around it. Fortunately, most capacitors are relatively inexpensive, and the newer ones have better /tighter specifications as well. Sometimes, I replace the old RCA connectors too. This is much like finding a classic car. Don't screw it up, but do maintain it with maybe new shocks, plugs, etc. to get it performing to at least as good as new.