Some amps I never heard of...

Hey all -

Thanks again for the replies to my "where can I audition amps near Boston" question.  I'll be visiting several of the suggested shops in the coming weeks.

I'm looking to replace my power amp, which is a Rotel 980BX.  It's driving Ohm Walsh Talls so it needs some beef, and it has to fit into a cabinet with a relatively small footprint.  So I've mostly been looking at Class D stuff like the Bel Cantos, and also some monoblocks, because although it's narrow our cabinet is relatively tall.

In looking around I ran across a couple of amps that seem plausible on paper, but I don't know / can't find very much information about them.  If you guys have any thoughts to share, I am all ears.

Benchmark ABH2 - small form factor, has lots of power.  Any downsides?
Gato DPA-4004 - tres swoopy!! and appears to have lots o' juice for such a little guy.
Gold Note PA-10 - on paper this thing seems too good to be true. 
Vincent SP-T700 tube hybrid monoblock - one stout looking little dude, the tube/solid state mix is of interest.
Vincent SP-997 solid state monoblock - looks like a nice little amp, fits anywhere. what's not to like?
Exposure 2010 S2 / 3010 S2 / 5010 S2 monoblocks - looks like nice old-school UK hifi. good value for $$$?

Anybody heard these, or have hands-on experience with them?  Mostly I'm interested in knowing if there's anything here I should straight-up run the hell away from - the fewer options, the easier the selection process will be.

As always thanks for your thoughts and comments, this place has been and continues to be my audio hobby schoolhouse.
@v7b9b13 I'm happy to send a Gold Note PA-10 your way. If you don't love it, send it back to me.

- Colin

Gold Note dealer in Nashville, TN
I do not have any of the Vincent products that you described, but I do have an SP 331 MK hybrid power amp. I like the sound quality. The bass texture is what stands out the most to me. 
Exposure have s big following in Europe, their amps are very well built and last for ever.
This class D amp seems to be making lots of waves lately. It’s "Pro" equipment but being used in home audio also. Huge power at a minimal price. I don’t know much about it but there are some youtube videos out there.
Been talking to a friend who got a Gold Note PA10 and thinks it's a bargain, using it on some Silverline speakers. Don't know how true but says he's heard there will be a price increase sometime soon and a shortage of many Gold Note products because of the current worldwide situation.