Some Amplification Recommendations

Hello Audiogoners,

I am at the point in my neurosis where looking at the next upgrade points to amplification. I have about $2000 to spend on either new or used (but used will definitely yield better bang for the buck). I am looking at something that will play nice with my new-ish Blue Circle tube preamp (BC 21.1), but am not interested in tube amplification (SS only please). I really like what the tube preamp brings to the party but do not typically understand tube amplification or the musical values that tube diehards espouse as their audio palette. Here is what I think I value most and will be looking for from a new amp:(in order of priority)

Soundstage (height width depth) and precise placement of musicians within that stage
Detail detail detail
Punch and impact and grip.. It needs to rock when called upon and do so while controlling the bass well
Exceedingly low noise floor/ Black background
Tonal balance... Including ALL the treble

I have never been a fan of picking amps or components because of "the exceptional warmth and richness of its mid-range". This to me seems to be going after an amp that only sounds great with vocal focused music. If I had to say I would say that I lean towards an amp that is precise and can do those "high-fi tricks" , perhaps more towards the analytical side of things. I believe that precisely conveying all elements of the frequency spectrum is the only way to get to, what to me, sounds "musical".  

Associated Equipment:
Speakers: Spatial Audio M3 Holograms, Several Green Mountain Audio models, Maggie MMG,
Preamps: NAD (entry level model don't remember the number), Blue Circle 21.1
Sources: Bluesound Node 2, Michele Gyrodec, TV
Cables: Anticable IC's and Speaker, DIY speaker, and Audio Magic speaker

Musical Likes:    Funk, Funk, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, acoustic solo anything, classical (in that order)

Thanks in Advance!!

Browsing through the SS listings a few things jumped out:
This looks like a great deal and PBN has an excellent rep for SS power amps.

A pair of monoblocks made by luxury producer Goldmund in Switzerland under a different name reputed to be super fast detailed amps:

I don’t typically recommend Krell but here is a nice older Class A 50 watt amp lower powered amps like this from monster amp producers often sound excellent:

And slightly above your budget a Magnus Audio 45 watt Class A amp, Magnus is the SS label of respected tube amp builder Canary. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could haggle down closer to your budget:

Take these recs all with a grain of salt I am a die hard tube guy but they all look like nice SS amps from respected manufacturers. Good luck and I hope you find an amp you love!
If it were me, I would look into a better preamp. For Tubes- Atmasphere MP-3. For SS- one of the Ayre's like the KX 5.
If you still want an amp, the Atma and Ayre would be my choice. Something about Zero Feedback makes them so nice.
You have some nice speakers, though...
Bob Neill at Amherst Audio is a Blue Circle dealer and very well versed in the audio field it might be a good idea to contact him.

No affiliation I have just chatted with him a few times and read his blogs...
This modded McCormack DNA-1 would tick all your boxes if the guy will ship from Canada (which should also drop the price if you're paying in US$).  Great amp.