Some advice needed

My current set-up is as follows:
JM Lab monitors, center and rears
James sub
Panny 50" TC-P50V10
Arcam AVR 200

I'm looking to make the move to a new, upgraded receiver. Can anybody recommend a decent one in the $1k-1.5k range? I know the argument of separates vs. single receiver runs deep, but in my budding audiophile experience I don't think I'm ready to appreciate the difference yet. Suggestions are welcomed!
I moved from an AVR200 to their AVR350...not enough difference in my opinion...In other words I would only make a change if you need some extra oomph for your speakers. Otherwise I think you should wait to afford something more to truly realize an upgrade.
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Thanks very much for your suggestion, Bob. Are there any good "starter" multichannel amps you are particularly fond of?
I've used Parasound amps for the center and rears - they're a good bargain. Also B&K.
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