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Hello All,
OK so I had had some major issues with my room (which is a difficult room to treat by the way) Anyways I got some broadband traps and placed them in various places in the room, 1st reflection points etc. corners etc.

Now the was a significant increase in clarity I mean I only listen to vinyl and it was a major upgrade in richness and detail and it is seems the painful highs are gone. I dont believe the panels are taking anything away at least not for my listening tastes.

The bass response is good and bad. I have a pair of sonus faber concertos (bookshelf) and a vandersteen sub 2wq. I no longer have one note bass and its sounds great esp on Jazz recordings...except recordings that are very heavy on the base..the sub really seems to create very boomy base (the sub is on a Auralex Great Gamma as well)..I cant turn the dial past 9 oclock b/c of the significant base response. What do I do? I certainly like the improvement at times its way to much.

It seems I was not getting good base response before treatment and now at times its way to boomy.

The sub is connected through the speaker taps
I have it crossed over at 88 which is the sensitivity of my speakers.
Try moving the sub away from rear and side walls if that's the position. If the sub is vented it could be a little more trial and error.
Also seems like the sub is xover a little high. Try 60 hz as an xover point
I'm not really sure the vandi sub with the sonus is a good match
I would lean more towards a rel for your sonus
I had trouble w/pair 2Wq's untill I bought Stereophile Test CD #1 which has 11 test tones from 200Hz-20 Hz. This let me SEE what happening with the room when I moved the subs, changed the db or adjusted the Q.

Which high pass filter are you using?

What is the Q setting?

What type of floor is it on? If it's wood put carpet pads on sub so you can move around easily before you put the points on.

I don't think your setting of "88" is a crossover setting, I think it's a db setting.

I had to "tighten" my bass up by reducing the Q, than for bigger bass I increased the db. It's like cooking a little of this a little of that!!!

Have fun, I did learning about my room!

Unfortunately what has probably happened is that you have cleaned up the lower midrange significantly - so you now notice the room modes much more (as they last longer).

The sub has a Q of around 0.5 - so this is definitely musical not HT - your next step should be to investigate a PEQ to tame room modes - there are probably two big bumps and one of them is probably the main culprit. Room modes appear strongest as you jack it up - it is like the room "hums" as it resonates not unlike a tuning fork.
I am guessing that your listening room has sheet rock walls?
I cross my REL at 22hz to my Spendor SP-1/2Es. I had the same problem with higher, (30,32 Hz) cross over points. . Start at lowest possible crossover point and work your way up. Samhar is right about the 88. Sumiko, the REL importer, recommends the soundtrack from "Sneakers" especially track 4. It has a bass drum struck over over and over so you can move your sub while listening to the same thing. Look at the Sumiko web site for their set up advice, I believe it will be valid for most subs. Sneakers is available from Amazon for less than $10 including postage.