Solution to a ground loop problem

I have a low hum which I have been told is from a ground loop caused by the cable TV coming into the home. What is the best solution?
answer: Jensen Transformer part #VRD-1FF. Got one new of ebay for 50 dollars..worked like a champ. I hvae cut/pasted form a previous post...

Check the A/c plug on the back of our amp...if there's a 3rd prong on the unit, that is more than likely the cause of your problem. The extra conector will generate a 60 hz cyle humm which may be coming through you cable TV...try disconnecting your cable vision and see if the problem does away. I had the same problem and the culprit was my cable which was not properly grounded. Unfortunately, the only workaround was to buy a cheater plug (which as I understand can be a fire hazard), OR purchase a Jenson transformer ground loop isolater. I picked one up off Ebay a few months ago for 50 dollars and the problem was solved immediately. Here is the part # VRD-1FF and here is the website to lern more about the product
Better yet: Get the cable company to reposition and reconnect their ground. Then you won't need a band-aid to block the loop.

The best solution of all is the Mondial Magic Brick. You can get it through Music Direct in Chicago. I had the same problem--the Magic Brick works like a charm.
I had this same problem. Here are the two parts you need, total cost $11:

Connect the cable coax wire to the transformer/splitter.
Connect the wires from the transformer/splitter to the 75-ohm coax combiner/splitter.
Connect the 75-ohm coax combiner/spltter to the input on your TV.
This was done for me by the cable TV guy. Worked like a charm. Why? I don't know. I guess it breaks the ground loop.
I had the same problem at one time. I disconnected everything and then carefully reconnected - hum went away. Try it - hope this works for you like it did for me.
Kr4 smacks the bullseye.....he hit the nail with every swing of the hammer. When the cable connections are clean and tight and when the incoming cable (and or equipment) is grounded to the same grounding system as your service panel, voila there is no differential.
Thanks all!!!! What'a team.....with quick, great responses. I already tried my cable company...oh boy was that a great experience, hold, hold hold...deny,deny,deny. "Not my problem man.." I'll try some of your suggestions, thanks.
Good luck with the cable company....been there, done that and no satisfaction whatsoever. Stay away form the "quick fix" like the cheater plugs and be sure to consider a product that will not weaken of your cable signal.
"Good luck with the cable company....been there, done that and no satisfaction whatsoever."

Keep trying. On the 3rd service call, I finally got a tech who, while first spouting the company line that ground loops due to an improper cable ground are unknown, listened to the setup and what I had to say. He then said, "What the heck! It will take me 10 minutes to redo the grounding." After he did, I proved to him that it was effective: No more hum.

I had the same problem you have and I solved it with the Mondial Magic Brick as Dollysowner did.
I gave away my Mondial Magic Brick when my ground loop was cured. The Brick had problems with the DMX signals on my cable.

The Jensen isolator worked for me as well, I got one from a parts site for $30
Problem solved! Twofold solution: Replaced the grounding cable at the cable box which solved 50% of the problem and then I stopped by a local highend AV installer and for $5 they gave me a DTIS IS-07 Isolation XFMR 100KHz-IGHz which is an adapter which goes between the cable box and the cable. No hum. Sound like a solution? What do you think?