Solution for VPI record cleaning machine.

Does anyone have an alternative solution that can be used in the VPI cleaner. I have the large Cleaning machine and have been going through the solution pretty quickly. Is there something that can be substituted or made up, or do I need to order VPI's solution every time? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Over the past several years, there have been several threads about home-brew LP cleaning solutions that A-gon members have found to be effective. You can find these threads by looking in the A-gon archive.

At the risk of being repetitive, I'll offer the formula I use:
1. Take 1 gallon of distilled water, and remove 1 pint (keep the pint for another use, or drink it...).
2. Add 1 pint of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol (available in many drug stores) to the gallon container of distilled water. Note: DO NOT use rubbing alcohol.
3. Add 1/2 TSP (or more, if needed) of a surfactant to the distilled water/alcohol mixture. Surfactants can be acquired from chemical supply houses or places that sell dark room photo developing supplies. In a pinch, you can also use a good, non-scented brand of household dishwashing detergent (I suggest one of the clear ones).

If you look at the threads in the archive, you will see that some people say to avoid using alcohol in LP cleaning solutions, due to concerns about removing the stabilizers in the vinyl. I can only say that I have used my cleaning solution with my Nitty Gritty machine for over 25 years, and have cleaned more than 2500 LP's without any damage, so I am quite comfortable recommending it to others. It's also cheap to make...

After cleaning an LP, I strongly recommend the use of LAST record preservative. Good cleaning followed by treatment with LAST has kept my LP's (some of which I've had for more than 30 years) in fine condition, even after repeated playings.
Forget the solution. I have had my VPI for eight years now, testing every solution on the market. There are only two and you do not need to put them in the VPI at all. I use only purified water in my machine now. It keeps nice and clean now. So I do just a back and forth rinse and vac. Then I turn the platter off and use Disc Doctor's Miracle record cleaner on his brush. It is a much better brush than the VPI in every way. And his solution is a consentrate, so better for shipping. You also use less of it in each application. After the scrub, on goes the platter for a quick wipe with the same brush. Then a one-way final rinse and vac. Leave the platter on while you lick on a little Last preservative. Essential to cut noise and wear. The VPI takes all the drudgery out of using the other two products. I live in the West, very dry. If mildew is your problem, try the Bugtussle enzyme based solution.
I make-up my own, using a formula similar to SDcampbell's (above).

Distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (85% and 15% respectively), with about a teaspoon of "PhotoFlo" surfacant. This cleaner, with a double rinse of distilled water, works as good as any commercial product I have tried.

I have tried neither Bugtussle, nor Last (I have tried the Last cleaner, not the preservative), but I have tried most of the rest.

One caution, use alcohol only on vinyl, very old records were made of a different material and alcohol will ruin them!
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