Solution for Schitt Loki wall-wart power supply?

I have a Schiit Loki EQ in my system. Because CD SQ varies so much, it makes no sense to me to not have some sort of tone control option. 

The Loki has a cheap wall-wart and I'm wondering whether my system might benefit from an improvement in this particular area. I don't "currently" have any sort of power conditioner. Before I bought teh Loki, a buddy brought over one of the top-tier PS Audio power regenerator/conditioner devices and neither of us could detect any resulting improvement in SQ, so I don't think I need to address power conditioning for the entire system. 

The Loki wall-wart is plugged into a Cullen Cable outlet receptacle box, along with the power cords for my DAC and CD transport. 

I'd prefer not to spend more than, say $400 at the most. This is an area of audio about which I know very little. 

There are linear power supplies (some very expensive). Is a more economical option like those offered by Small Green Computer
worth considering?

Would it make sense to use something like the Shunyata Venom Defender or Nordost , NORDOST QK1 QKoil Load Resonanting CoilPower Conditioner, plugged into the same wall outlet with the Cullen?

Suggestions? Other/better options? 



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Thanks-- I had no idea the Loki had a linear power supply, inside !  
fuzztone: "Tight quarters", here, too!  I appreciate your advice regarding likely return-on-investment. I was simply curious about whether this might perhaps be a neglected "achilles heel" in my system, having repeatedly  encountered the opinion that "wall-warts are bad". 

stereo5: I can't seem to locate the specs you quote on their website. 
Could you possibly PM me a link? 

The concensus being that I shouldn't mess with my Schiit, I will 
move on to other possible tweaks. 

Thanks !