solution for "popping sound" from tube amp?

Hi! I have a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 tube preamp. It has worked perfectly for the last couple of years (time I've owned it), now suddenly tonight there was a "popping" sound coming from my speakers that I traced to the pre. What is the probably cause, and how might I fix it? I understand this pre only has one tube, and I could probably replace it if required, if a tube going bad could be the root of the problem. Where should I buy a replacement tube, and is there a particular type/brand that you recommend? Any help for this tube electronics novice would be much appreciated! Regards, Ben
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It is your tube. Small chance a capacitor but very small. I would call some brokers in the back of Stereophile for a replacement as Sonic Frontiers doesn't sell the nicer tubes.
I have the same pre amd there are sooooo many options from budget to tube is a rollers dream.
I would venture to say that it is a tube. I also have a tube preamp and the "popping" you describe has, in my case, always turned out to be the tube. You may try cleaning the tube pins with an electrical cleaner but more than likely you need a new tube.
Thank you all for your responses. I have replaced the tube, and am now back in tune(s). Ben
Hello, I too have the same problem with my SFL-1 and I believe that I need to replace the tube as well. What would you guys recommend as a warm tube to tame my occasionally bright system? I am using a mosfet ss amp and smallish Thiel loudspeakers. I am thinking that a Mullard tube would be best? But which one?
I am going with the Mullard CV4024 after it was recommended to me by Chris Johonson at Parts Connexion. I'll let you guys know how it sounds.
I bought the Mullard tube and it is very nice. Liquid Liquid.

I could not recommend it more.