Soliloquy subwoofer

I am interested in the Soliloquy S10 subwoofer; anyone have any experience with critical listening to this unit? Thanks for your input
I am also interested, so if anyone has one of these, we would like to hear
Have listened quite a bit. A friend of mine is a dealer. Integrates very well with their small speakers. Very, very well I might add. Sounds very good for the price, nice extension without that "bass all over the place". However, the driver tended to "bottom out" on the grille when being driven hard. Would strongly suggest you audition to see if you experience same problem. Remove the grille and this problem obviously goes away. The sub and speakers together made very nice music. Soliloqy speakers always sounded best when driven by tubes. (And I'm not a tube freak.) I think I liked it because I have hated about every sub I've heard when also used for music.