Soliloquy Sat 5 Replacement Drivers

Hello , I have just gotten a pair of these speakers, less the drivers (but with the xo) and would like to know if anyone can tell me anything about the drivers? Like part#, ohms of each ,made by who ,replacement drivers that might fit with the xo or just anything that will help me find new drivers? I have sent 2 emails to the Soliloquy and no reply.

Thanks Russ
Even though the Web site is still up, Soliloquy has been out of business for awhile.

The drivers were proprietary and there aren't any direct replacements available from other manufacturers, as far as I could discover. Underwood HiFi, who advertises on this site, had a small supply of the original tweeters for awhile and it would be worth checking but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

It's a shame, because they're wonderful small monitors. You might be able to use the cabinets and crossovers with other drivers of the right physical dimensions but I don't know how easy it would be to get close to the original sound.
Thanks Sfar, on the new drivers and still useing the crossover , what ohm should both the tweeter and woofer be? 8 ohms is what I am thinking , but I can not see the ratings on the parts in the xo. So I am not sure.

The impedance of the SAT 5's is 8 ohms so I assume that both drivers would be that value.
The Soliloquy Sat 5 looks almost identical to the Soliloquy 5.0s, which I own. According to my owners manual, the nominal impedance is 10 ohms. Perhaps that is why its maximum recommended power is 200 watts.
Just a thought. If anyone is looking for replacement drivers there is a damaged Soliloquy center channel speaker up on ebay right now. It should have two good 5.25" woofers and one tweeter for someone who can't locate drivers.

I've got a center channel in storage for just that purpose.