Soliloquy or Von Schweikert VR-1

I am really trying to get the sound right and would appreciate informed opinions.

I just bought a Jolida integrated hybrid amp (100 w/ch) -- I bought from Walter at -- very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful) and now I'm trying to select speakers (within the $1,100 range). My main considerations at this point are:

- Soliloquy 5.0s, or
- Von Schweikert VR-1s
- Meadowlark Swallows

Unfortunately, there are no stores in my area that sell any of these brands.

Here are the room conditions:

15 X 25 feet wide with 9 ft ceiling - and then open to kitchen area.

The speakers will be placed on a solid built-in cabinet -- 20 inches deep and 24 inches high and about 8 ft apart. The height and distance apart seem ideal, but the speakers will only be about 10 inches from the wall (I can't use stands because of the "decorating" factor as they will protrude too far into the living room.

The Von Schweikert VR-1s don't really have a port, the Meadowlarks are front-ported and the Soliloquys have rear ports -- will any of this mattter? (Also, I can get a pair of slightly used Soliloqys which will make them several hundred dollars less than the others.)

Also, even though the placement from wall is closer than ideal will the speakers still sound decent - how much will this noticeably affect sound?

I listen to rock (grateful dead, Bob Dylan), jazz (Coletrane and Billie Holiday) and some chamber music (strings and piano).

Also, anyone have a suggestion for a good CD player in the $300.400 range?

Thanks so much for any advice, David
VR1's are designed to be placed close to a rear wall. This may beneficial to your room considerations. Also, you can add VS subs later to fill out the bass. Check out the VR1 review at, or on the Von Schweikert website.
Go with the VR1s,you will be amazed at the smoothmess,the detail and enough bass to where you may not even need a sub.
I have to agree with the above recommendations, I would get the VR-1.
I own the same Jolida amp and I've owned Von Schweikert speakers in the past and wouldn't hesitate to order any of their speakers - even without auditioning them.
Best of Luck
I personally would suggest the Soliloquy. I owned VR4 for 3 years. They did some things very well, others not so well. The VR1 are made in China, and fit and finish are likely not as good as Soliloquy, whose cabinets are incredibly well made. They are crafted in North Carolina. I own 5.3, and C3, and have a pair of 5.0 on order. I have just signed on as a dealer for them in Hawaii, I am that impressed. Sold the VR4 several months ago, don't really miss them at all. If the price is lower and you can get the gorgeous stands, i would consider the Soliloquy. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

The Soliloquy is a fine speaker but I wouldn't place them that close to a wall with the rear port. A closed box would be a better choice though I have never heard the Von Schweikert.
Haven't heard the VR-1s or the Meadowlarks, but I have heard the 5.0s at length and although I really like them (I own 6.2s myself) in your particular application I would not recommend them. The rear port will most likely cause a problem being so close to the back wall, and as with all Soliloquy models I've heard (also owned the 5.3s) they really need space to open up and become balanced. I guess you could try stuffing the ports, but I'd opt for a model designed from the beginning to work properly when placed near the wall. Too bad you have to work around those cabinets. Best of luck.
Thanks for all the input -- it seems like both the Soliloquy and Von Schkweiert's are great monitors, but the consensus seems to be that the VSA will do better in a cabinet aginst the wall. I did download the user's manual for the Soliloquys and they recommend that the speakers be placed several feet from the wall.

Additional comments are welcome.
Give Roy a call at Green Mountain and see what he thinks about the use of the Europa in that situation. It is front ported and may or may not work. Also the Reynaud Twin is a front ported transmission line. Also as a previous 5.O owner, I don't think they will work in this situation. Another though harder to find option may be the Snell bookshelves as some of them are sealed enclosures.