Soliloquy 8.2 Information

Anybody have any idea what these things are worth and if replacement parts are still available? I can't find anything other than company history and a retail price from 1998.
The 8.2s were one of the original speakers built by Dennis Had and then discontinued once he sold the business.
I am auditioning a pair and they sound really nice! I am just not sure they are worth the risk or what to offer for them.

I used to have the 5.3's I think the 8.2's were the top of the line I bet they sound great. Dennis Had is still extant making his Fire Bottle amps he sells on Ebay. Try reaching out to him if you want info on what the drivers are etc.
Also a quick google search turned up this on audio asylum:

The Soliloquy 8.2 is a transmission-line 2-way loudspeaker designed by Dennis Had of Cary Audio. In 1997, Mr. Had sold the Soliloquy Loudspeaker Company ( in order to concentrate on the tube (or valve) amplifier business. The Soliloquy model 8.2 was the most expensive loudspeaker available in the corporate lineup with a retail price of $4400 in the United States with a regular wood veneer finish. There were special finishes available for additional cost. Each loudspeaker stands well over 4 feet (122 centimeters) tall and weighs over 100 pounds (45 kg). The speakers are about 10 inches wide by 10 inches deep (25cm x 25cm). The pair that I purchased was finished in a beautiful looking highly grained rosewood. The body of the speaker consists of MDF and I have not attempted to remove the drivers to determine the complexity of the transmission-line. The two drivers consisted of an 8 inch mid-low range speaker and a specially made 1 ¼ inch high range speaker. The manufacturer of either driver was not provided on any of the literature that came with the loudspeakers. The loudspeaker cabinet does not contain the crossover likely due to the presence of the transmission-line. Instead the crossover is located inside of a separate box that measures about 9 or 10 inches (24-26 centimeters) square. The crossover box was finished in a gloss black "pebbled" look with two sets of binding posts, one each for the woofer and the tweeter. An intricately intertwined multiple-strand length of Kimber Kable terminated into a Neutrik connector which attaches to a corresponding Neutrik input on the loudspeaker. The sound produced by the 8.2s can be rather variable depending on the quality of the ancillary components feeding them and their position in a room. I positioned the speakers about four feet out into the living room because of early reflections from large windows. The bass can be a problem in wood floored domiciles because these speakers tend to load the room with low frequency sound. The Soliloquy’s are rated down to 27 Hertz @ -3db and they are able to produce convincing bass for an 8-inch driver.

Woofer driver is a paper based 8" cone made by vifa
Tweeter is made by Scanspeak and is the revelator model.
Crossover is a 3rd order slope at around 2.6K
Speakers are under 4 feet tall

Thanks for that info. I had not come across that one in my searches.
And yes they sound very good. I also have pair of Emerald Physics CS2Ps that I am auditioning. 2 totally different experiences!