Soliloquy 8.2

I purchased a used pair of 8.2's to match with Cary 805c's. I have contacted Dennis at Cary as well as Soliloquy and no one has any literature on the speaker. I am looking for manual, information or any other literature on the product. They sound fantastic
There is no such model as an 8.2. Do you mean 6.2?
No. This is predessor to current model line. The speaker was developed by Dennis Hadd, founder of Cary Audio. The speaker has an 8" driver mounted above a 1.5" tweater. The cabinet has a transmission line ported out the front. External crossovers and is approx 52"x12"x14".
yep. I also have a set. They do sound very nice. Not extremely efficient. I estimate 87dbw. great bass and extended highs, some would say harsh, not with good tube amp tuned just right. They sound fantastic. Huge outboard crossover with bi-amp capabilities. Would love to fine more info on these as well.