Soliloquy 6.5 speaker

I found a pair of 6.5 in good condition everything seems to be fine but i have one damaged mid,any information on this,i know that these are dedicated drivers for the speaker,if someone has work with them or know a replacement for this i know it is hard to find but i know that sometimes few people modified speakers and maybe i can put it to sing,thanks for you help
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I made the first couple of batches of Speakers for Solioquy, I do not recall making a model 6.5 but if you shoot me a picture I may be able to identify it for you.



PeterNoeerbaek@pbnaudio dot com
They are great speakers, reviewed in S'Phile a number of years ago. I doubt there are any of those drivers around. I think they may have been designed by Phil Jones. As a long shot you could try contacting him through Phil Jones Pure Sound and ask him for a recommendation for a replacement. I wouldn't pay much for them. You may be able ot get an ok replacement by trial and error, but it probably won't sound as good as what is in there.
I have a pair of 6.3i's and they are great speakers. It is my understanding that Phil Jones had the drivers custom manufactured to his design specs, as Jmbatkh mentions. If you do replace the drivers, chances are that changes will also be required in the crossover. I wouldn't pay more than maybe 10% of the MSRP, due to the fact that you will have to do a lot of homework to make repairs. I paid less than 22% of list for mine, but they were in mint condition.
Good luck.
Hi ill send the picture,,maybe i have luck.thanks for your help
In what way is the midrange driver damaged? I used to own a pair of 6.5's and hope you can get them up and running, they are certainly nice speakers.
Hi God bless you all,i need help in finding woofer for my 6.5 soliloquy,i only need one,but if have more than one ill be interested, are rare woofers they measure 12 ohms,any help on these,if not found one i have to replace the six of them and new crossovers,ive been told.regards carlos

Just posted on a thread about Bill Legall at Miller sound, maybe he can repair the blown driver for you ?

Good Listening

hi Peter glad to hear from you,yes let me know where i can send them,i tried this morning to contact you but the last emsil address i have said that is invalid,good to hear from you
Try this site, Bill can most likely repair your blown driver

Best of Luck

Ok thanks Peter,will let you know
As another option, I found an old thread from 11/14/05 titled "Is Soliloquy out of business?"  Scroll down to the last two posts who in the past have claimed to have replacement parts for Soliloquy.  As an owner of 6.2s I'd be interested in whatever you find.  Best of luck.