Soliloquy 6.3 with which tube amp?

I just listened to the Soliloquy 6.3 today and Im amazed.
It was use with a Cary V12 and a Cary pre"dont remember the pre model". It has the best detailled and imaging on any setup I've heard in my life. But the same day I also auditioned an Atma-sphere M-60 mkII but with different speakers, Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1.5. I liked the mids and highs better in the Soliloquy but the lows were tighter on the Continuum/M-60 setup. Since Im shopping for a decicated 2 channel setup have anyone listened to the Soliloquy 6.3 and Atma-sphere M-60 setup? What other tube amp can compare to these in the 4k price region?
You might want to check out Art Audio. I think I read a quick review somewhere about the two, at a show, that made really sweet music. If I can find it, I'll let you know.
Not many.The M-60 with the right speakers is as good as it gets.Try the site.there was a used pair for sale there.
I agree with Wayne and Natale. The Art Audio amps that are frequently used by Soliloquy at shows are very powerful tube amps and probably do a better job at controlling the considerable bass capabilities of the 6.3. As a powerful OTL design I would also think the M60 would be an excellent choice, and I think either of these amps would make the 6.3s sing and may provide tighter, cleaner bass than the Cary(also an excellent amp). I've got 5.3s and have had problems dealing with bass in my smallish, square room, and I found plugging the ports with a couple tube socks can help tame the bass in certain situations without changing the character of the mids/highs--just a little tip. Best of luck.

you might try a push/pull with a little negative feedback to control the woofer. the negative feedback made the difference for me in my system (not soliloquy), current alone did not tighten up the speakers to my satisfaction.
I have a pair of 6.2's that I run with a c-j Premiere 11A and it sounds great.
I own 5.3's and have used Unison Research and Antique Sound Labs 845 based single ended amps and got great sound. I would not rule out solid state however.....the Marsh 400 provides an enormous soundstage with a neutral tonal palette. The preamp is also very important with Soliloquy's. I have achieved great sound with the Bat vk 3i and Audible Illusions 3, but the best preamp,no contest,is the First Sound Presence Deluxe. This preamp simply passes more of the signal then any other preamp I have tried, and I have tried many!
i've run 6.3s w/ a bryston 4b and now w/ an arc vt 130. the bryston did give better bass control but the 6.3s w/ tubes give more lifelike acoustic guitar than any other system i've heard.
I run my 6.3s with a Music Reference RM9 MKII tube amp. With 125 watts per channel it slaps the 6.3s around like red headed step children. I have no problems with bass getting out of hand,this amp has complete and utter control!Soundstage,depth,layering,timbre,pinpoint imaging you get the picture !