Soliloquy 5.3 Would they be good with a Krell?

I am currently running them with Cary 572SE MKII and Cary SLP 50b.

Anyone hear the 5.3's with any krell equipment, like the 300i, 300il, or 400ix?

I have some 5.3s, and I think that the real questions is: will the Krell work with the Soliloquy's. These speakers are extremely flexible. I have tried the following amps with these speakers: LFD Mistral Integrated, Jolida 102b, VTL 2.5 pre/Pass Labs Aleph 30, vtl 2.5/PS Audio HCA-2, Antique Sound Lab MGsi15, and, currently, an ASL Ki22 Fox. Of these, I liked the sound of all of the tube gear bettern than the SS gear (the Aleph was my least favorite). In each case, what I heard was the characteristic of each amp. My sense was that these speakers are open, relatively efficient, and will ultimately reveal the sonic signature of your amp and other equipment. I REALLY like them. Would they work with the Krell? What you might find out is that you really love the Krell or you hate it.

As far as watts needed, I think that it really depends on the quality of the watts. 8 watts from a modified ASL will easily sound better than 150 Dennon watts. But, then again, I know that I'm a tube guy.

If you are in the SF Bay Area, and you'd like to bring your amp over to try mine out, you're welcome to.