Soliloquy 5.3 vs. ProAc 1.5

for rock jazz and r&b. Which speaker is better designed for this type of music? Also what type of amplification is reccomended for both respective speakers?
If rock makes up a large part of your listening, I wouldn't suggest either of these speakers. For acoustic and light jazz, yes. I suggest you look into the Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods. They are sweet sounding, detailed and great with dynamic music, when needed. Classe amps are great with the Shearwaters, also Plinius. Try before you buy!
I dont think you can go wrong with either. There is a pretty substantial price difference here, so, if you want to rock out- you may want to get the Soliloquy's and get a good sub to go with it. I havent listened to the ProAc's much but I have owned and loved the 5.3's for a few months. They are excellent on every kind of music to my ear. I have been powering them with a BAT VK60 (60wattsX2) and feel that this combo is tuff to beat. Good luck.
You know, it's unreal how different this stuff can sound to different people. It just underscores how important it is for you to go out and listen for yourself--there's really no other way to make this decision.

That said, I have heard all 3 of these speakers and here are my impressions, for what it's worth. I couldn't disagree more with the first post. Ironically, I heard the Meadowlarks and ProAcs for the first time back to back at a dealer who happened to carry both(using Rega front end electronics). Spent a long time listening to the hot rodded Shearwaters and thought they sounded good but kind of flat and lacking dynamics. Definately NOT what I would use to listen to rock, blues, or even modern jazz. The dealer said he understood and immediately plugged in the 1.5s--much, much better in my opinion. More air, detail, clarity, with improved dynamics and transparency. Please keep in mind that this is just according to my taste/experience and your perceptions may be quite different.

For me it's a toss-up between the Soliloquys and the ProAcs. The 1.5s may be a bit more neutral and the 5.3s a bit warmer/fuller in the midrange. The 5.3s definately go deeper with their dual 5.25" mid/woofs, but their large rear port require at least a few feet of separation from the back wall or they can sound congested and/or boomy(Soliloquy offers a port plug that mitigates this limitation though). I ended up buying the 5.3s because they're at least on par with the 1.5s and cost more than $1000 less. My advice, if at all possible, try before you buy--that's the only way you know what works in your room with your equipment.
Acssavings, It is surprising to me that you describe the Shearwaters that way, flat and lacking dynamics. I truely think they are just the opposite. Who knows? Personal taste? Setup? Bad day? I think there are so many variables, and that is why it is hard to put together a system that we can be happy with. I have bought a number of pieces that I auditioned and liked, only to find they weren't for me after extended listening. Imagine how hard it is to find enjojment in equiptment based on other's advice. More proof, when it's time to buy, listen for yourself!
thanks for the feedback folks.