soliloquy 5.3 or 5.0 w/sub?

I'm trying to decide between a pair of soliloquy 5.3 and a pair of soliloquy 5.0 with stands and thier sub. The 5.0 and sub are demos, and I can get them with stands for $2000.

I know the sub usualy cost $1350, but I think there may be better subs out there for the money. Although it is in a pretty maple finish that matches the speakers.

I'm always looking for the best deal or value, but I don't want to compromise the on the sound. My other option is to find 5.3 used and add a sub to them also.

I want the sub because of HT, but I'm a little skeptical about monitors and a sub sounding as good as a full range speaker with music.

anyone have any experience with the speakers head to head?
Not with these models exactly, but a very similar set from ProAc (Studio 150 small D'Appolito floorstanders vs Tablette monitors). I liked the floorstanders better than trying to integrate the sub. However, I don't listen to music with much in the mix below 30Hz, and I didn't have as much bass management (control) flexibility nor sub placement flexibility as you may have. How big is the room? If it is medium>large, you may want a different sub anyway to produce enough output for decent in-room LF for HT.
I own the 5.3s and if you have at least a medium sized room and flexibility to place the speakers at least 3-4 ft from the back wall you might want to go that route to avoid dealing with a sub. Given a big enough room and proper placement they can really put a performance in your room.

If your room is on the small side and you need to keep the speakers within a foot or two of the rear wall you might have better luck with the sub/sat setup that will give you the flexibility to place and adjust the sub so it doesn't overload your room. The 5.3s really need room to breathe to be at their best(in my opinion) and they can get congested and boomy if they don't get the room they need. I'm actually thinking of selling my 5.3s(to trade up to 6.2s), so please feel free to email me if you think you might be interested. Hope this helped and best of luck.