soliloquy 5.3 need Amp recommendations, please

My music taste are Jazz, classical and voice. musical is my most concerned. I prefer tubes integrated due to a tight buget. but will open mind for anything.

thanks guys!
good sound, joey
Have a friend who has a a speaker like the 5.3 in that it is 90db and 8ohms nominal imp. She has an Audiomat Arpege that she picked up used for about $1400. Integrated , 30W per channel. Listens to the same music you do. I've never heard it turned up over 1/4 volume, plenty of power. Sounds very nice. If you get a chance to listen to one do so.

Sincerely, I remain
If above too much $$, used Anthem 1, Linn Majik, LFD Mistral up to $600 used
or i heard that new Antique Audio tube integrated amps sound pretty good, reasonably priced.
We've heard great things about the Arcam FMJ integrated. It should match quite well, and it's nice looking too -especially for the budget-minded music lover.

Happy listening!


I have a pair of 6.3s that I power with a Redgum RGi120s integrated amp. It is an Australian solid state. It is the most musical ss integrated that I have heard for the price range I was looking at($1000-2000). Very detailed, with quick, tight , deep bass, very fluid sounding, never bright or tiring. I am using an Arcam Alpha 8 cd player with Acoustic Zen matrix ic & Kimber 4TC speaker cables. Redgum is a rather obscure company as of now, but I believe it is just a matter of time for them to get some reviews in mags to get their name out there. I haven't found anyone else that has one, but I love this amplifier. They also have a 60 watt and 30 watt version of this amp.
Last month I purchased my first tube amp a Cary SLI-80 Signature. I love the thing ..... I wish I had not wasted so much time with solid state. I give it a strong recommendation. The VAC Avatar was interesting as well.