Soliloquy 5.3 Driver Replacements

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Does anyone have any info or suggestions for a good 5.25" mid/bass replacement for a pair of Soliloquy 5.3 floorstanders? I blew at least one last night in a freak turntable short accident. Damn Paul's Boutique 20th Anniversary Re-Issue... :)

I know that Soliloquy is out of business, and I've already contacted Walter at Underwood Hi-Fi with no luck. He pointed me to Madisound and Parts Express, and neither of them were able to come up with anything close to OEM specs in terms of size.

The flange on the blown driver appears to be 155 mm, and the cabinet opening is 120 mm. There were a bunch of similar posts on Agone over the past year or two from others seeking the same information, but if anyone found the right drivers to use, it doesn't look likw they ever bothered to post back. That is something I promise I will not do.

I've already set up a saved search on eBay, but I'd rather not spend upwards of $700 when a single driver (or even four replacements) would do.

So, that's my long-winded way of saying "HELP!!!"

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Google this. I saw a post on some audio forum (cannot recall which) from a guy who was selling off drivers and cabinets from the original Soliloquy factory. Within the past week.

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I tried a bunch of searches going around 7 pages deep on each one. That's about the place where the results become pretty meaningless. I just did a bunch more including words like "factory" and "parts" to no avail. Unless I'm missing it, of course...

Please do let me know if you stumble across it again. That would be HUGE!

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Try this:
Above link>>[]
Thanks so much! I've joined the site and sent that guy a message. Hopefully I'll hear back soon. In the meantime, if anyone knows of any aftermarket drivers that would work well, I'm all ears!

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Struck out w/the guy on the AVS forum. He says that he did have some drivers and cabinets, but that he's lost touch with the guy... :(
I saw a more recent post with pix but cannot find it. If it pops up, I will let you know.

Thanks so much, I would REALLY appreciate it. Happy New Year!
Maybe trying a Google search Soliloquy #xxx of off the back of the driver.Adding USA Canada may give you more results.
Unfortunately, there's nothing at all on the drivers. No numbers, no letters -- nothing. All my research shows that they're proprietary drivers that were designed in-house and manufactured specifically for them in China.
I know this is an old thread, but I would love to know who to ask to find out what company in China made these speakers. I'm also looking to replace one driver in my 5.3s. There is nothing on the backs of these. It would be nice if they would have written anything on the back - ohms, watts, something...
Here's a whacky idea, but not much to lose at this point I guess. Maybe you can round up some other 5.3 owners who need and/or want backup drivers and you can pool together to purchase a pair of 5.3s and split up the drivers? So if you could find a decent used pair for $600 or so and two other people interested in drivers you could spend around $200 each and have at least one midwoof and potentially a tweeter backup as well. Not optimal to be sure, but still cheaper than buying another pair of speakers and you'd get to keep enjoying your 5.3s.

Anyway, as a 6.2 owner I feel your pain, and best of luck.
Have you tried contacting Phil Jones of AAD audio? If memory serves he had a hand in the design process...
You might try a fellow at Monster Cable Co.
I am sorry but can not remember his name . He is the one who bought Soliloquy and owned it into it's demise . This was about 4 or 5 years ago .
It would be worth an effort to check the archives here as it was discussed a while back . That would give you his name at least .

Sorry that I can't be of more help .

Good luck .
Dave Berman was the previous owner
I've written to the fellow at avsforum, and he no longer has the name for the fellow with the close-out parts. I've written to Phil Jones of AAD Audio with no response (these speakers even remind me of the soliloquy speakers: ) I notice that he is still using propitiatory 5.25" speakers. I did get a very prompt reply from Srajan Ebaen at 6moons - he referred me to Phil Jones as well (but I appreciated the quick reply.)

Looking for a reasonably priced original part is probably the best bet, but I'll keep looking elsewhere for a replacement driver, and I'll post here if I find a good replacement driver.
were you able to find a driver replacement? I also have a pair of 5.3 with 1 dead driver.


Pair of Sat5's on ebay right now. Very same drivers as the 5.3's.

Good luck.