Soliloquy 5.0 need stands?

My current system consist of:
Plinius 8200 MKI
Sony 333es
Arcam DV 88
Soliloquy 5.0
Rel Q150

Unfortunately, I did not get the dedicated stands for the Soliloquy speakers. I checked around and the stands may cost me between 300-500. My question is, how much performance am i losing without the stands? and since adding the stands will bring my cost to around 700-800 am i better off getting some other speakers like psb bronze or totem arro. Looking for a two way speaker to work with the Rel. By the way the speakers are on a large entertainment center. I have a 13 month old baby. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I love my Soliloquys. However, keep in mind that the 5.0 is rear ported and really needs a couple of feet behind it to sound best.
Do what I did since you have a nice sub: Sell the 5.0's and get a pair of Sat-5's. The sat-5 is virtually the same sound with a smaller woofer and NO port. It was meant for bookshelves. Contact is giving really nice deals.
The kids were dangerous around speaker stands.
i used to have the 5.0's with the soliloquy stands. I loaded the stands up with play sand and can tell you for a fact that your kid is not gonna knock them over. When i sold the 5.0's I hated to see the stands go with them. They make a tremendous improvement in the sound with the 5.0's bolted to them.