SolidSteel HS Audio Racks

I am I the market for an audio rack for the first time in a long while. I have all of my equipment on HRS M3x platforms but their top of the line rack is out of my range and the SXR racks are solid but not really something that would fit well in a living room well. The problem is the HRS platforms are 21'' x 19'' which are not a typical size that you can just easily place the platform and equipment  on a shelf and away you go. You are also talking about an 80lbs amp and a 45lbs HRS platform so the shelf must also hold 125lbs Safely. Symposium is on the list and Peter has been a great representative of their products......and that would also include Adona but those rack would have to be  ''custom made'' to accommodate that platforms and you know that that means. Solid Steel was another company but not sure how the ''utilitarian look '' would go in the living room. Steve Blinn is also on the list but I do not see much written on the on the sonics of those racks. I am looking for a rack that is an Audiophile piece and not just a piece of furniture. I looked up SolidSteel and at one point in time in the folklore of audio this stuff was good. I see where they have developed some new products and was wondering if anybody uses them. The ones I am looking at are in the HF series so no need for comments on any others but I do have a concerns over if those shelves could accommodate the weight and also the columns are steel etc .....and concerned on the sonics. I called the importer who responded to my questions but did not seem real interested in promoting the merits of the SolidSteel racks nor my concerns on the strength of the shelves. So the thoughts from the crowd would be appreciated as I do believe that audio racks are another important piece in the chain. Note ; they also have to look good as it will be going in the living room and '' she '' has ben great on that one so I want to keep the peace. 
Note : I meant to say ; Sound Anchor and not Solid Steel
Interesting, I was thinking, "how about Sound Anchor" when I first read your post, and then I saw your correction.

I really like Sound Anchor products because of the stability, the weight, the finish (that is easily touched up if ever needed) and how they get out of the way visually and let the eye focus on the equipment. The design is nice because of the adjustable steel bars for different footer patterns and because of the open-air underneath equipment, to promote cooling. You can use whatever footers you choose for your gear.

The folks at Sound Anchor, Bob and Debbie Worzalla, are really nice and easy to deal with. They will easily create custom products to meet your needs, and have done so for me in the past (like the angled speaker bases for my Aerial 9s).

All of my gear, speakers and sub are supported on Sound Anchor racks/stands with edenSound Bear Paws. Sound Anchor will tell you their hardened spikes are all you need for footers, and they might be right. The Bear Paws add weight and dress up the look a bit. If you want to dress them up further, you can add a different top like I did by making a finished wood top from quarter-sawn white oak, as you can see on my system page (3rd picture). Options are endless, like cultured stone (think kitchen counters), granite, maple butcher block, etc.

Hello Mitch .... I was taking about SolidSteel, but if you look at the middle of my post  - I referred to Sound Anchor as SolidSteel as being very utilitarian
No disrespect intended garebear, but as long as you already have everyone’s attention ;-) : If anyone has a black Solid Steel 5.4 rack (original, smaller version) to sell, please give me a buzz. Thanks garebear. And by the way, if you put a good isolation device (Symposium Roller Blocks, Townshend Seismic Pods if you’re flush) under something, the rack itself is of little consequence.
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