Solidstate king of immediacy for ceramic drivers ?

Which amp excells in immediacy on small accuton speakers like Marten Miles, Tidal Piano Cera, Kharma Ceramique ?

I would like to avoid the cold etchy thin bodyless sound of fast amps. Looking for the speed AND body factor. Dont care for ultimate resolution.

Please help to reduce / edit / sort my list - no tubes except berning - no hybrids

Vitus audio ss-010
Halcro MC20
Edge G4
Berning ZH-230

Valvet A3.5
ASR Emitter
Sovereign Glory

First Watt F5
Audiozone AMP2 (gainlone)
Anedio A1 (gainclone)

No Dartzeels - like to stay below 5k used
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Try Pass Labs. if you want integrated i see the INT150 on offer on Audiogon for $4490.
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Plinius should be on your list. VERY good with Accuton driver based speakers
I love my McCormack with my Accuton based speakers.

For a power amp the Modwright KWA 150 has the warmth of tubes but a the benefits of solid state bass response. Plenty of power too to drive those speakers.
Why "no tubes" I wonder... I know 3 people including myself that drive Martens with tubes.
I have the Piano Cera with Einstein's LITD hybrid. Based on an audition of my system, Bostonbean bought the Piano Diacera and drives them with a pair of Specton Musician's (latest versions in mono). Absolutely stunning and would have no problem recommending the Spectron in a stereo version.
Definitely the Valvet A3.5, especially on ceramic!

Read Key Kim's review on StereoTimes (Giant Killers) driving ceramic speakers with the Valvet A3.5.

You can expect some A3.5 trade-ins soon on Audiogon since I just received the MkII version and I suppose many A3.5 onwers wants to upgrade their amps.