Solid Tech Rack of Silence - Maximum Load SUPER?

Could someone please explain what the "Maximum Load Super" is?
I am trying to calibrate my ROS 1 amplifier stand to make sure it is able to sustain the appropriate weight. The Maximum Load SUPER is able to hold 176lb.

My amp is in the 125lb range. The suspended weight capacity for this rack is 88lb using the triple spring set on each end.I wish to know what or how the SUPER calibration is achieved? Anyone out there with this setup, please feel free to share.

Unfortunately all my detail information is currently stored away in a storage. Here's what I know of the top of my head.

There are three types of shelves:

1/ Thick/deep shelve that are rigidly attached to each olumn using a big collar ring & 6 screws. The beam is about 2 inches deep.

2/ Thin shelves that are rigidly attached to each column using a smaller collar ring with 3 screws. The beam is about 1 inch deep.

3/ The reference series basically uses the thin shelves and hang them off additional collars using springs. Each collar uses up to 3 springs. You have basically 6 (or more)different configurations.
a/ using the standard springs, you can use 1, 2, or 3 on each ring to support different weight.
b/ using the heavy duty springs, you can support more weight, and using the same combination as above to support different weight.

The standard ROS1 comes with a #1 and a #2 type of shelves listed above. Per your description, it looks like you have the reference version which has the #1 + #3 combo. That version is recommended for tube amps. For your amp, I would recommend getting another thick shelve. That's what I use, two thick shelves for my Pass X350.5 which is about 140 lbs.

You will need to contact the North American distributor to purchase these parts. I may have some extras, but they are at the deep end of a storage as I am in the process of remodeling my house.

Make sure you note the color you want to the distributor (black or cherry). Look for additional information, including the info for the distributor at

Good luck,