Solid Tech - A new brand for racks and stands

I recently knew the Solid Tech brand, is from Sueden and have a complete range of components, isolators, racks stands, and they offer good isolation mesaures in your componentes. Did you knew this brand and equipment specialy the Rack of Silence, and the isolators Isoclear, disc of silence, and feet of silence?
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You can see more in they´re website, buy is interessant and a brand to follow.
The "High Performance" racks are solid-to-solid connections but claim anti-vibration... just marketing ploys

The "Extreme Performance" racks actually control vibrations, but have big problems holding weight due to a spring suspension design. Over time, the spring will sprung :)

They do not address some of the bigger concerns with expansion, heat, EMI, ESD and magnetics. The spring is metal and will transfer static... not sure if a reference piece should not account for this.

They get a ten for asthetics and creative writing though...
Audiavreseller, which rack do you recommend . Grand Prix, Silent Running Audio - Craz, Finite Elemente ?

I am biased, since Audiav is just plain better on a variety options, since they address more than just vibration and inertness. I do like some of the shelves, however, from some other competitor's but you did not mention them in your short list of those three.

BUT, if I had to buy one of the three over, rather than an Audiav piece of course, I would get:
Finite E's Grand Master for looks... Grand Prix Reference if I was inviting teenagers over to look at the carbon fiber, and Silent Running Audio if you removed half of my brain (the logic portion of course :)

I am a "got-so-many-features-you-don’t-need-hype" kind of guy, so I think that offering a platform that can address ALL the big concerns at once is the way to go. I do not like manufacturers that create silly marketing spins about sand and filament boxes when they don’t really do anything but add mass.

My perfect ideal is one that holds massive weight and blocks:
-Magnetic Fields
Fully topped in thick Granite...
and happens to have a gemstone in the emblem :)
So how would you relief the effects of continual self induced resonance and airborne vibration? Tom
I have both the Radius and Rack of Silence, and all the "accessories".

With Radius, you can add additional springs under each shelf to further isolate the shelf from floor vibration.

With the Rack of Silence, the "shelves" lock into the posts. The reference level rack of silence give you the choice to convert the middle two sections into spring supported shelves. You get two sets of springs with different load limit. These springs are heavy-duty types, so you don't have to worry about them getting loose over time.

With heavy equipment, you don't use the springs.

I have my Pass X350.5 (140 lbs) sitting on top of 4 discs of silence on top of a rack of silence amp stand and it works just fine.

The shelf is made of cross wood beams, so I don't know how the static would be transferred. As for heat, the cross wood beams allow good ventilation. I added one additional shelf to my rack so I have 5 shelves holding my components. They are extremely close to each other, and I don't have any heat issue.

If I understand the question from Theaudiotweak... no rack platform can affect the internal self-induced vibrations at the source, to limit effect on the source. They can only affect the out-bound and in-bound from the point of contact. You would need to tear apart and modify a poorly made offending source component or chassis... pertaining to the source (of vibration). Airborne vibration cannot be controlled in an open architecture design, as the sides and front/back are open. An enclosed baffle would need to be placed between the air movement and the component to minimize... but that goes beyond a common audio rack and turns more into a chamber. But a shelf could help minimize transference to and from the frame and to and from the platforms.
Why store what is self generated? Why slow or impede the transfer, of the negative after effects of what is airborne? All of which is condoned with material selection and geometry. Remember what is stated as inert[by material, geometry or both] is also in motion...but at a much slower rate of transfer. Tom