'Solid Steel' Rack Distributor ?

Sumiko used to distribute these beatifull equipment stands.I'm trying to find out if there's a new US distributor so I can purchase one...Thanks for any info.

I'm really not sure what happened to the Solid Steel stands, thats a good question. I do know of some incredible stands though made by Audio Magic Productions, some of the best I have seen. Good luck!

About a year ago, I made an inquiry with Sound By Singer (NYC) who said that they could still get Solid Steel stands.
A.M.P. comment from Thorty40:

"incredible stands . . . made by Audio Magic Productions [A.M.P.], some of the best I have seen"

Thank you for the praise towards our products,
all of which have been hand made in Denmark since 1989.

A.M.P. Sales, USA.
check savantaudio.com they had a special on them few weeks ago. I've never bought anything from them, so it's not a recomendation, just info.
Audio Advisor used to sell Solid Steel racks; maybe a phone call to them (website is www.audioadvisor.com) could give you some info on where they are available now. I bought mine, some years ago now, from Soundworks in Kensington, Maryland.
Hey Nar.....Thanks for the Savant tip....they had just what I wanted...got one on the way.